Falling up

Jesus, what nets you a big raise these days.

Ray Anderson will continue as Arizona State athletic director through September 2022 under terms of a three-year contract extension.

Anderson, 64, signed a five-year contract as ASU Vice President for Athletics that was due to expire in February 2019. He now will continue through at least the 2021-22 school year with an annual base salary of $800,000 that took effect in July 2017.

… Anderson made $642,600 per year in base salary under his original contract. He also is eligible for numerous academic and athletic performance bonuses that could potentially double his annual salary.

In 2016-17, Anderson earned $462,178 in bonuses — $112,208 based on athletic performance and $349,970 for academic performance such as Academic Progress Rate and athlete grade point average.

Aside from the ludicrousness of getting a bonus for student-athletes’ academic performance when they don’t, the athletic performance he’s being rewarded for is what, exactly?

ASU football, men’s basketball and baseball had losing seasons in 2016-17. Football and men’s basketball improved this school year although Anderson made a football coaching change and created a new leadership model for that sport.

ASU’s 2016-17 Directors’ Cup finish for overall athletic department on-field success was the lowest ever (No. 43).

Evidently, he’s on a roll.  With Herm Edwards’ coaching stint off to a blazing start, to boot.

And some of you wonder where they can come up with the money to pay players.


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5 responses to “Falling up

  1. Cojones

    Yeah, we are looking at a model by Anderson that explains why Edwards is posting an NFL player cut program and pretty much anything else that will make Anderson mo’ money with wins. Guess you can do that when you cut the athletic director out as the middleman.

    I will be interested in watching an ASU game and noting whether they just play dirty or whatever they will do to overcome player talent shortages. Bet that the Pac12 will end up with player injuries from cut blocking after playing ASU. The greed model with whip is huge here.


  2. South FL Dawg

    From the cited story:
    “Anderson helped to negotiate an eight-year apparel contract with Adidas worth $33.8 million total through 2022-23 that doubled what ASU athletics previously was receiving from Nike.”


  3. Thorn Dawg

    If you’re gonna be stupid, you better be tough.


  4. Nashville West

    They took the Pac-12 in wrestling. That is probably why he got the raise (yeah, sure)


  5. OurADisAGlorifiedBoatAnchor

    We are spending $63 million on what really amounts to a banquet hall and locker rooms.

    Across 100 kids over a 20 year period that’s $31k plus.

    To say we don’t have the money to pay players is so silly.

    Regardless. The answer is the Olympic Model as it bypasses the Title 9 issue and many other issues impacting tax payers.