The Deangelo Gibbs saga, a continuing story

This is why I generally am reluctant to publish rumors here… even when people think they know, sometimes they really don’t.  In Gibbs’ case, he’s not going, going, gone.

Georgia defensive back Deangelo Gibbs might be rejoining his teammates for summer workouts soon.

A university official confirmed Friday that Gibbs is enrolled at Georgia for summer classes. Gibbs, a rising sophomore athletically, was not enrolled at the university during the spring semester. Since Gibbs was not enrolled in school, he was unable to participate at the G-Day spring football game.

While Gibbs, who was also dealing with a left shoulder injury, wasn’t with the team during the spring, head coach Kirby Smart previously stated his optimism that he would be for the preseason.

“He’s doing very well with rehab,” Smart said in March. “We anticipate a full return in the fall.”

That’s good to hear, both for Gibbs and the program.  Let’s hope there aren’t any more twists and turns other than a successful return.


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8 responses to “The Deangelo Gibbs saga, a continuing story

  1. Greg

    Smart continues to work his magic.


  2. UGA '97

    When your recruiting is firing on all cylinders, it suck for kids who get injuries requiring surgeries that essentially pushes them lower on the depth chart. Not sure the whole story here at all but glad to see he’s back on campus.


  3. Hodgie

    I hope he gets it back on track but there seems to be more to it than we know. I hope it’s nothing n major but it is concerning.


  4. TXBaller

    Bad journalism & rumor mongers had the kid headed to juco last month. This is a huge get for the secondary. Hopeful that D-Gibbs makes an impact.


  5. Thorn Dawg

    This “shoulder injury” sounds very similar to Trent’s “shoulder injury” last year.


  6. Dawg1

    I heard he emerged from an alley and forgot his middle name, but Kirby was able to get it covered up.

    That’s what I am hearing.



    Good news, we can use him.


  8. Macallanlover

    Fine athlete, hope he overcomes the problems he has been facing. I know we need him in the secondary, but he sure was smooth as a receiver in his HS film. Just looked less comfortable on defense. With our depth at WR, let’s hope he finds his stride on defense.because he will get his shot this summer. Was pleased with the way our defense looked on GDay, and we have some “contendahs” coming in next month. Good times!