“That’s what I want. Let’s do it.”

Remember, Tennessee fans, it’s not what Phillip Fulmer can do for you; it’s what you can do for Phillip Fulmer.


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  1. Brandon

    “Back up to where it was when I was coaching.” Barf. Danger Jeremy Robinson.

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  2. I found this quote interesting, “that total still finished No. 7 nationally — ahead of programs like Texas, Georgia, Nebraska, Florida, Oklahoma, Auburn, Clemson, Notre Dame and others.” All of these programs have a few things that UT doesn’t, a smaller stadium, a full stadium (close in total numbers to what UT is having attend) and winning programs.

    I’m thinking they are a ways from fixing that last item.


    • ChiliDawg

      Also misleading because there’s probably more people in attendance in Athens on Game day who can’t get in than the ~3,000 seat difference between their average attendance and our capacity at Sanford.

      Plus, as we all know, some of those “seats” in Neyland can hardly qualify as actual seats. Can you call it that if you can’t see the field?


  3. steve

    Fulmer’s theme somehow reminds me of the words of domestic abusers who tell their ‘punching bags’, ” Believe me, I have changed. Give me one more chance. The other times were because I had bad friends and advice. Just come back, baby. I promise, it will be different. I don’t drink no mo’. Think of the kids”. And the ‘tune-up season’ starts all over again.
    UT fans are like the doves that keep flying into the millet field that has 15 shooters carrying 12 g shotguns loaded with bird shot and sitting in plastic chairs in full view. And the birds keep coming despite the noise, dogs, and belly feathers. Neyland is the biggest millet field in the SEC. And Jeremy appears to be wearing a shock collar whose control button is on Phat Phil’s key chain right next to the dog whistle.
    Sometime in the next two years there will be a coverup of the knuckle sandwich Pruitt serves a reporter.


    • Brandon

      Speaking of domestic abusers how about that pro golfer’s wife whipping his azz. She has some crazy eyes, still smoke though.


    • Uglydawg

      “Neyland is the biggest millet field in the SEC” LMAO! Well played!


  4. Dawg Stephen

    Is it just ME… or is Fulmer doing the “Orange Caravan” tour dates WITHOUT his head coach there to speak?


  5. Argondawg

    I know the donations and costs that have come with being a Dawg season ticket holder and I have bitches about cost, fan experience, the way the university has approached and made tailgating more cumbersome and I’ve soldiered on. After the run UTk has been on for the most of the last two decades there is no way I’d want to finance that. Really? “We are coming off a record setting 0-8 conference mark. Get out your checkbooks suckers!” Aight? F that.