Chip Towers has a question.

I ask you, DawgNation, does McGarity deserve a contract extension? A raise? Nothing?”

Which brings to mind this response…

Okay, forget about the fee for the gaming license.


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10 responses to “Chip Towers has a question.

  1. Mayor

    The men’s golf team, usually a national championship contender, didn’t qualify for the national championship tournament this season. There’s that.


  2. sectionzalum



  3. TXBaller

    He fired Mark Richt…open the coffers!



    All I know is he better not screw around with Kirby, or his ass is out the door!


  5. Cousin Eddie

    Better question is what percent of his check does he owe Kirby? Two years ago if 1 person had of said yes I would assumed McG was reading the blog too.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Let me get this right, Greg Mediocrity sits on his hands for years doing nothing. Everyone finally had enough and forced him to do his job. The first time Kirby depends on him, he executes an embarrassing contract with Ludicris. So now we’re considering giving him more money?


  7. Cojones

    Greg should be considered an extension of all those who make impact decisions in B-M. His failures are their failures for lack of foresight on both parts. Get rid of them both if that is what is prescribed for sports avenues at Georgia.

    Btw, what are we doing in sports at the moment? I know that the women came in 2nd in the SEC, but what about the men? Are we progressing each year in sports by furnishing all physical facilities needed for the coaches to make our teams successful? If your answer is “No.” then who should be held responsible?


  8. Russ2

    He definitely deserves a BOX of Condoms, extra small. Maybe a bottle of Rebel Yell.


  9. Dawg19

    Give him 20%.


  10. Wesley Stansbury

    NO WAY!