Maybe we shouldn’t get our hopes up too quickly.

For all the expected excitement we’ve got over watching four quarterbacks on scholarship duke it out at G-Day, let’s remember that, for the most part, they’ll be throwing to the same bunch that finished out last season.  Blaylock will miss the spring with his injury, and only one of the group of stud wideouts that just signed is an early enrollee, Justin Robinson.

So, expectations should be tempered.  I mean, is this the most Georgia’s 2019 receiving corps comment, or what?

Kearis Jackson has been plagued by injuries in each of his first two seasons but it’s clear what the staff thinks of him as a player and leader. He had one of the most impressive plays of the 2019 season with the catch that almost was against Auburn.

“The catch that almost was”.  It’s a shame Larry Munson wasn’t around to immortalize it.

Honestly, I’ll be happy if I just see progress with better run routes and some effort made to throw across the middle.  G-Day will likely be a case of Rome not being built in a day.



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9 responses to “Maybe we shouldn’t get our hopes up too quickly.

  1. ugafidelis

    Kirby is going to troll all of us on the first series’ by running both offenses up the middle for three and outs.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Landers, Blount, and DRob need all the reps we can get them, as do all our TEs and Cook too. Sure, I’d like to see what the new freshmen can do, but we’ve got 3rd and 4th year players who are still underperforming when you consider their recruiting status.


  3. Former Fan

    Most kids get better with experience. I think we can say that happened with the WR last year. I suspect this year will be a noticeable improvement for them.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    I’d be fine with giving George Pickens the Pollack treatment at G-Day this year and keep him up on blocks on the sideline.


  5. Dawg19

    Gee, if you ask all the Fromm-haters, this receiver core was on par with any other group in college.


    • The Dawg abides

      On the flip side, according to all the Fromm fanboys, Jake was infallible and the offense’s troubles were exclusively because of bad receivers and a terrible OC.


      • Dawg19

        Dawg Abides:

        Well, as a “fan boy”, I can actually point to data that supports that argument. What have you got?


  6. duronimo

    “….all the Fromm-haters…” Who would that be? A child of 4 knows when he was allowed to play in rhythm, and to make decisions (hampered when the play got in as time was expiring) he looked like he always did. Actually the problem with receivers seemed to melt away as well. I don’t buy the experience deal with these athletes. Either one can play or they can’t. Pickens and Blaylock got off the bus playing at a high level. Don’t count on Landers, DRob, Jackson or Blount. They won’t all of a sudden turn into productive players. There are only two good receivers … Pickens and Blaylock. That’s why Kirby recruited more similar freshmen this year.