Here’s a hot take I didn’t see coming.

Pete Fiutak lists Jamie Newman fifth on his list of twenty impact transfer players for this season.  No, that’s not the hot take I’m referring to.  This is:

Newman is hardly a lock for the gig – D’Wan Mathis is going to be a major factor now that he’s okay after having a cyst successfully removed from his brain – but for now, the former Demon Deacon has the inside track to be one of the biggest keys to the SEC season.

Mathis?  Where the hell did that come from?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’d be thrilled to discover that’s the case, but for a kid to go from not being tackled for more than a year to suddenly being elevated into major factor status seems a bit abrupt, to say the least.  I’d love to know where Fiutak’s getting that from, assuming it’s not straight out of his ass.


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25 responses to “Here’s a hot take I didn’t see coming.

  1. Bigshot

    If D’wan Mathis ever takes a meaningful snap at UGA , I’ll be highly surprised.


    • The Dawg abides

      If you ever have anything positive to say about the program or any of its players, I’ll be highly surprised.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Meh. Click bait. Out of his ass is right.


  3. spur21

    If Mathis couldn’t play the ohio state would not have offered.


    • I’m not questioning his talent, just his readiness.


      • dawgtired

        We should definitely expect some rust. I would like to know what type of drills/work they’ve had him doing while he was unable to go full speed. Even if he can’t supplant Newman, it’s nice to know he’s go enough to fill in if needed…and push Newman.
        I keep thinking that Beck kid might have a future.


        • spur21

          I read somewhere that Mathis was a film rat extraordinaire and spent his down time studying the play book. Of course the play book will likely be somewhat to vary different so who knows. Pretty sure he has been throwing more than has been published just not taking hits.


          • Otto

            Read the same which gives him a real chance to push Newman.

            I think Newman wins the start on Day 1 but if he stumbles watch out. ’21 will be another interesting battle assuming nobody transfers out.


  4. Sports Fan

    It’s Fiutak. It’s 100% coming out of his ass.


  5. Daniel

    Sounds like a dude who didn’t do his homework.


  6. practicaldawg

    Well just put it like this: If Mathis does indeed earn the job, I think we should all get pretty excited about Mathis.


  7. J-Dawg

    I believe Newman is the starter from day 1, but it’s going to be a hell of a battle to be the backup. That’s where Mathis could show his talents, going head to head with Bennett.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Even if Mathis is the real deal, I think it’ll be very tough to beat out Newman for the job. So of course Fiutak is pulling it out of his ass. Isn’t he the same guy who picked utk to win 11 last year or something to that effect.


  9. Jim

    Hey in last years GDay game (I know) he looked great


  10. Macallanlover

    Fiutak hasn’t been the most accurate opinion in CFB over the years, but he isn’t wrong that the QB position for 2020 is far from settled. I hope UGA fans already on the Newman wagon are correct and that he is capable of filling the role needed as our QB, but being the most experienced at the position doesn’t mean he will hold onto it. Understandable that Newman has the early lead based on experience alone, and the fact he was pretty decent at Wake, albeit against weak competition. Even if he starts out holding onto the lead through August, you cannot assume he ends up the season in that position. The SEC is a grind every year, and as a QB who runs with the ball staying healthy is also a concern. And even if healthy, he just may not be the best talent in the QB room.

    Now where Fiutak got Mathis’name as the likely winner over the other three, I don’t know, but I doubt he floated that name out there without some inside source having to sell him hard on going that far out on a limb. We knew Mathis had raw talent coming in last winter, he had a lot of time to develop his skills in 2019, and he spent a season in the film room with one the smartest QBs we have ever had in Athens. Haven’t heard from anyone that would know, but I would say old Pete’s source(s) give us a glimpse that Mathis isn’t just planning on rolling over and settling for a free education. It would be a really great story if he were to succeed when you consider his history since January, 2019.


    • Cojones

      Damn, Mac, you catfished on Fiutak? He has never written anything of value concerning the Dawgs. Didn’t he pick FU last year to beat us head-to-head, to win the SEC, to … … yada, yada, yada? He doesn’t know dick about these athletes that the Athens-Banner Herald hasn’t perused over since Adam.

      We all are pulling for all our QBs and Pete knows that little piece of bait to use to bring up something plausible to us and throw it against the wall. We all rank Stetson(who not only has studied film more than Mathis, but has also played and produced in a few games and beat our D up getting them ready for Ok.) as second to Newman and it trails off to the unknown from there. Why not pick a walk-on? Do you really think that the rest of the QBs have rocked back to watch Mathis compete against Newman without even considering the work the other QBs put in to get their chance on the field? Fiutak doesn’t have any data to back up any personnel claim that each of the bloggers here couldn’t write and I’ll take the gtp blogger’s observations all year over anything Fiutak has to say about this team and it’s players.


      • Macallanlover

        Put down the pipe old timer, my first sentence acknowledged he had difficulty with predictions in the past. And that is why he had to look for someone with UGA knowledge this year, he needed to rebuild his credibility this season. He had to get away from the fruitcakes in Gainesville, he has to get better quick or lose any chance at clicks. I don’t know that Mathis will be the guy, but I am convinced we need more than Newman….hope I am wrong. Any one of the guys who can get it done is great with me, I have no favorite nephew in this competition. (And I do feel sorry for Fiutak, he isn’t anywhere near the Mendoza line.)


  11. DaveinAZ

    If you are going to have a true run oriented QB you better have two or more


  12. My understanding is that Mathis, while cleared to practice, isn’t cleared for contact and has an MRI in May….according to Mike Griffith.


  13. 2675miller

    Anyone picking anyone other than Newman is grossly undervaluing experience in the equation of picking a starting qb. Two players who have never taken a snap at the college level aren’t serious competitors with Newman for the job. They are fighting it out for 2021 and those guys will
    have to beat out the 5* that is coming in who has both a better arm and feet than either of them.


    • Dawgoholic

      Heard a comment from someone who has seen a lot of college qbs throw a ball that Mathis had the best arm in Athens since Stafford after he saw Mathis throw last fall.