Back in red and black

For those of you who bitch that the Falcons never sign anyone of local interest…


Best of all, he can get paid for playing football in the state of Georgia without being suspended.


UPDATE:  Trying to make up for wearing that awful Georgia Tech sweater…



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21 responses to “Back in red and black

  1. Mayor

    As soon as I saw the announcement that Gurley had been released by the Rams for salary cap reasons I thought the Falcons should sign him! Great that they did!


  2. MGW


    Cue the joyless “I follow the NFL and here’s why this actually might not be good for the Falcons” guy.


  3. rchris

    It all depends on his knee…


  4. It’s a great move all the way around. I love it in every way possible. Maybe the knee holds up, maybe it doesn’t. But what a shot in the arm. This is the opposite of fake juice.

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  5. Tatum

    Happy to have him back in GA. Wish they’d have done it in 2015. I would have watched. That would have had another viewer.


  6. Harold Miller

    Finally, a reason to watch the Falcons again.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m happy for Gurley. He was the key to the Rams offense, so look for that offense to nosedive. I’d hoped Gurley would end up in SF, KC, GB, etc.; teams with grass surfaces that know how to use an RB who can do it all.

    This is the Falcons we’re talking about, where all hopes and good intentions are soon smashed when they take the field. I sure hope I’m wrong and Gurley carries them to a super bowl win!


  8. Dawg19

    The jersey sales alone will make it worth signing him.

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  9. spur21

    Good PR move even if he isn’t healthy. Blank looked at the empty seats and thought this might help put butts back in them.


  10. Gurkha Dawg

    That is so cool. Gurley is one of my all time favorite Dawgs.


  11. voxdawg

    I now have a reason to watch the Falcons. Took them long enough to bring in a noteworthy Bulldog.


  12. Bright Idea

    He’ll bring a warrior attitude to The Brotherhood even if his explosiveness is gone.


  13. Just bought my first Falcon tix in 30 years(I have been to games on free tix) and I plan on woofing (barking)when they introduce his ass. How bout that dawg.


  14. TG3II will always be one of my favorite DGDs of all time. We named one of our dogs for him (and his brother from the same litter & shelter is Marshall).

    I may have mentioned this before, but when my current UGA daughter was at a summer camp on campus, she and some other campers ran into him on the street outside Snelling. She asked him, “Hi, are you Todd Gurley?” He said yes and stopped to talk to them. She mentioned having 2 dogs who were brothers that we had named for Keith and him and that she lived in Wake Forest close to Tarboro. He loved it and gave her a hug before heading off to work out at Butts-Mehre. She said it felt like being hugged by a brick wall.

    Truly a DGD who should have at least a Doak Walker Award on his mantle at home. Welcome back to Georgia, Todd.

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