Fergit, hayull.

Ray Goff has a long memory ($$).

When Will Muschamp was hired to replace Steve Spurrier, it brought up two very different emotions for Ray Goff. He was happy his former player was getting another shot to be a head coach in the SEC, but the thought of Spurrier still doesn’t sit well with Goff.

“I was happy for him. He’s a good guy, good person. I’m talking about Will,” Goff said. “I’m not going to say much about Spurrier.”

If you can’t say anything good about someone…



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  1. Given, the ol’ ball sack hath nothing for UGA…to beat/defeat/crush UGA plus a former player now head coach, double goodness in his eyes…spurrier will probably never admit it, i will always HOPE, UGA sent him to the showers for good


  2. siskey

    Those were some tough teams to watch on defense. My Spurrier memory is sitting in Sanford stadium in 1995 watching Florida’s receivers smoke poor Will, Brandon Tolbert, and the rest of our defense repeatedly by running the same plays they had run the previous 5 years. Muschamp will probably be a hell of a college commentator a mix of Corso’s folksiness and Gruden’s -whatever the hell it is people like about Gruden.


    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      I have memories, not many of them good, about that game. I remember talking to a student before that game who was convinced we were going to win. I think he had been drinking a little. My other memory which is better includes the married couple who sat next to me. The seats were empty the entire season except for that game. Apparently they had bought season tickets just to see that one. He was a Gator grad. She was a Dawg grad. They argued the entire game and the worse the score got, the more heated the argument became. She taunted him unmercifully and he gave a lot of it back. Bet the ride home was interesting. I also remember the score but I try not to think about it. BTW, the score made it onto the front page of the AJC in a box at the top. The page made it onto a t-shirt because it was their Braves playoff issue.


  3. Texas Dawg

    We all knew that Spurrier got into his head and under his skin, but now we see just how deep he had burrowed in.


  4. Sanford222view

    I guess Will Rogers never met Steve Spurrier.

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  5. Harold Miller

    Say what you will. Goff was never ever going to beat Spurrier.

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    • Mayor

      Not so. Had him beat until TD got waived off by a timeout called after the ball was snapped.

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      • Uglydawg

        I thought it was a two point conversion that got waived off?? Pouring down rain?


        • Gaskilldawg

          It was a touchdown. Still trailed. Would have had to convert to win.


          • Silver Creek Dawg

            Was sitting in that end zone in Jacksonville. It was a TD that pulled us within a point.

            The CB that supposedly called the time out was right in front of me and I never saw anything from him that came close to a TO signal.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Face it. Spurrier pwned Goff


  7. Ken Wilkinson

    When Spurrier was kicking Georgia’s ass every year, I remember Spurrier saying he was friends with Goff, he liked Goff. Yeah, like I liked Charlie Pell at Florida.


  8. mwo

    Fuck THAT mother fucker! (Spurrier)

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  9. Ben

    Any truth to the heavy rumors that if we hadn’t hired Goff, Spurrier might have come to UGA? Or is that just folklore?


    • Supposedly SOS expressed interest, but Dooley wasn’t interested.


      • RangerRuss

        UGA and Coach Dooley have too much class to hire an insufferable prick such as spud. I’d rather lose with Goff than win ten championships with that fuckn asshole.


        • If he had come to Athens with the same focus on beating the Handbags he had for us, I would have been ok with that.


        • Dawgflan

          Better than Urbz! We took Dooley from Auburn, and I imagine we would’ve gotten used to Spurrier. He would have been our asshole coach, and he would have won us a lot of games. Egotistical prick, absolutely, but only insufferable when you lose to him, I imaging pretty tolerable when he was winning for you. He would eat his humble pie when beaten. And he ran cleaner programs than most. Gawd – I can’t believe I am semi-defending Spurrier.

          I was at the game in 1995. Thank God for the Braves win and resulting party/parade later that night, because I don’t think I have ever experienced as depressed a collection of people then Dawg fans that afternoon.


  10. PTC DAWG

    I know Ray, this sounds just like him…


  11. JAX

    I believe that Spurrier v Goff represented the most incredible mismatch in modern college football history. We’re talking gargantuan proportions. Spur-Dog was one of CFB’s most remarkably innovative coaches before he can to Gainesville and Goff was severely unprepared for the UGA job yet the search committee hired him anyway and for the wrong reasons.

    Epic mismatch in every aspect and the teams and records reflected it.


  12. Russ

    Ray is and will always be a DGD to me. Sure, he wasn’t a good coach but he was a great player and he bleeds red and black.

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  13. AdaWg

    Heck, Spurrier won at Duke, that’s how good he was.

    But, Erk……..we could’ve had Erk.