The secret to Jeremy Pruitt’s success

Bud Elliott’s been tracking this season’s football commitments, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post.  To say they’ve been coming at an unprecedented rate is an understatement.

Screenshot_2020-05-27 Bud Elliott on Twitter Morning of May 27 871 Last year's class on this date 380 Twitter

Either coaches have evaluation skills that the coronavirus has sharpened into superpowers, or we’re going to see an epic flood of de-commitments once things return to some degree of normalcy.

I’m looking forward to hearing the rationalizations.



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5 responses to “The secret to Jeremy Pruitt’s success

  1. What….donut hole eating ad fulmer isn’t the secret to pruitts success, well cover me in powder sugar and dip me in sprinkles….


  2. practicaldawg

    Fortunately, elite recruits naturally social distance from Pruitt and Mullen in person even without a pandemic.


  3. AceDawg

    Jeremy’s is doing some good ole 2017 Five Star Hearts Butch Jones and Mark Rich 2013. Ok, slightly better than those classes, but it has a hint of that. This UT class may still get a legit top 10 finish. Maybe.


  4. BuffaloSpringfield

    For What It’s Worth, Just saying there has been strange things happen Knoxville and Columbia and Athens. I’ll hold my chest beatings to a minimum until those are in the books.


  5. UGA '97

    Sadly, this is likely one of their narratives of the current, new wild west: coaches pressuring kids to help their families during challenging economic times. Hey kid “commit now, or the next class may get in spring ball and pass u on the depth chart….”