Sammy Wheeler, salut!

“The day before he turned 21” is what really makes this sing.

As the saying goes, youth is wasted on the wrong people.



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8 responses to “Sammy Wheeler, salut!

  1. Connor

    Hard to throw stones at a kid for stuff I did. Hope it was fun.


    • Now, if Mr. Wheeler was arrested because he wouldn’t share a drink with local law enforcement and actually was caught peeing on said officers shoe with someone else’s license…then i say guilty as charged



    Oh the humanity…a 20 year old having a drink. And they caught him taking a leak behind a building more than likely…I hope those cops are proud.


    • A 20.9972 year old. I can’t remember if it’s a leap year. Law Enforcement can’t look the other way, unfortunately. If they cut him loose and he hurts himself or someone else and they had already had contact with him? Someone would to hold them responsible.


  3. Gurkha Dawg

    What a despicable person. I can proudly say I haven’t been charged with any of those crimes. Except urinating in public. But there was a really long line.
    What a waste of tax payers money. The kid’s old enough to die for his country, get married, buy a house, but cannot have a drink?