So, I have a question.

What the fuck is a single-division conference?  I mean, are they gonna sell naming rights to the division, or something?  Kinda like Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium?

Seriously, sometimes I wonder if these guys even realize how nonsensical the words coming out of their mouths sound.



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21 responses to “Bureaucratspeak


    Single division, no division, SSDD.

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  2. miltondawg

    Sounds like Mike Francesa’s comment regarding a single-elimination double-header.

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  3. otto1980

    Waiting to see how Sankey screws this up….


  4. Dawgfan1995

    I’m surprised the name of the conference is still the Southeastern Conference and not the “Delta Airlines Southeastern Conference presented by Coca-Cola and Yellawood”

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    • Russ

      Don’t give them ideas. Watching golf this past weekend and Jim Nanatz mentioned that Al Geiberger “won the Charles Schwabb Challenge” back in 1979. And I’m thinking, “no, he won the fucking Colonial”. These abominable naming rights are ridiculous and have run amok. We’re at the re-writing history stage of them now.

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  5. godawgs1701

    Meh… if this is the dumbest thing he says/does the rest of the year then I’ll take it.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Yeah, it is the sort of thing that we have gotten used to from TV sports commentators. They speak in lowest common denominator words, and then it bleeds into our brains. Sankey is smarter than that but he’s also talking to a large public, including TV types.


  6. mydawghasfleas

    Ummm… can you say Big 12 prior to 2017? Somebody shout “last call” and get these guys cabs for the ride back to the hotel. Can’t wait till the SEC championship game where the teams are decided by a coin flip because of identical records.

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  7. mdcgtp

    Single division. It’s not every day that one can managed to earn the scorn of both English and Math teachers with just two words.

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  8. uga97

    Jumbo Shrimp. 8-0-0 model.

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  9. MGW

    Saw that earlier. It’s just… no divisions.

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  10. William Ferguson

    Wow- must be something to go thru life perfect – man makes a non sensical comment and gets flame sprayed.


  11. moe pritchett

    You can thank Texas and Oklahoma for fuckin shut up.

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  12. The Truth

    SESD — “It just has more words.”

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  13. mg4life0331

    If the big ten is leaders and legends can we be the playoff contenders division then?

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