More Georgia spring practice info

As always, David Ching roolz:

  • defensive tackle and linebacker notes here (click on links to his Columbus Ledger-Enquirer articles, too)
  • Mark Richt’s comments on developments to date here

The big story to me so far is Sturdivant taking over at left offensive tackle. I know that someone untested is likely to start there, protecting Stafford’s blind side – that’s just what the current situation all but dictates – however, I thought it unlikely to be a true freshman, heralded or not.  I’ve got to believe, though, that when Richt says things about Sturdivant like “(t)he value of midyear is gonna be huge in this thing”, the coach is pretty convinced he can make a go of it.


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2 responses to “More Georgia spring practice info

  1. Ghost

    Love it brother, Trinton is the man.

    Sleeper though is Boling, as great as Trinton is the best guy on the net imo at evaluating talent is LowIQ(he and MC though MC is more the master of the game itself) and he said Boling moved better last summer at camp!

    I saw 1/2 of a Boling game(sad since Ilive 10 minutes from his school) and let me tell you somnething, he is a hell of a DT prospect imo if we needed him. I also saw on TV him play Basketball and he reminded me of Meadows when I saw him as a Frosh play Lassiter at McEachen, same exact body type though Boling has 20 lbs on him at the same stage.

    Also, Little has some things to work on like weight and shape and everything else but pure talent wise he is the best OT imo since Foster, he can be all world or he could be a bust, it is up to him but his Jr film when he was in shape was imo better then both Greenlee’s and T.S.!


  2. Ghost, my feeling is that the Georgia o-line is more of a “when” not “if” right now. There’s certainly plenty of raw talent to mold. The big question is when they start to gel… well, and can Stafford survive until they do.