All down the line

The AJ-C‘s Jeff D’Alessio drops a little bombshell, at least to my way of thinking, in a piece he’s got today about five things Georgia has to have happen on offense this year.

Here’s what he writes that got my attention:

4. The junior college imports must pay quick dividends. One, Vince Vance, is down to start at right tackle. Another, Scott Haverkamp, is pushing Chester Adams at right guard.

When did all that happen?  Last time I looked at a depth chart, Adams was the starting right tackle, Vance was running #2 at left tackle and Haverkamp was the #1 right guard.

I have a hard time believing that Adams, one of only two experienced returning linemen, could be relegated to second string.  But even stranger would be to see Georgia start two tackles who between them have never taken a snap in a D-1 game before.

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  1. steve

    The AJC is quite wrong. Vance is a backup tackle and Adams is a starting tackle.