I have a dream.

Today’s overheated rhetoric award goes to this blogger.

No doubt the BCS formula has its share of flaws – and there’s nothing like a little dose of hindsight to make your case against the BCS sound even stronger – but this is about as cringeworthy as it gets:

The point is that the college football community is being denied their right to a true national champion determined by fair competition in a playoff format, in the name of money and prejudice.


This system is so unfair it almost seems like a violation of players’, coaches’, and fans’ civil rights. It is a system controlled by financial dominance and discrimination, much like the corrupt legal systems of Southern states that figures like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. faced head-on in the 1960s.


So when will college football’s version of MLK arise, take action, and completely transform the landscape of college football?

Yes, when? It can’t be too soon – our rights are being trampled every day! The masses are being oppressed!


Brothers and sisters, I look forward to the day when “financial dominance” is no longer at the heart of what controls college football’s postseason.


You know, like all the other sports that have playoffs.

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  1. scdawg

    Utterly ridiculous. I posted something a while back re: just how much it would cost to attend these playoff games. A playoff will actually shut out the average fan. How many average fans go to the Super Bowl?