Another random act of thuggery

This time, it’s the Texas Longhorns’ sideline dancin’ to you-know-what. I wonder why we didn’t hear anything about this when it happened.

Notice that the complete song, with lyrics, is blasting over the PA system.

I await the howls of anguish from the Auburn fan base culture warriors.



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5 responses to “Another random act of thuggery

  1. Dash

    This actually was out well before we ever started doing it (I think the Ol Miss game, or perhaps the game before it). I have heard people calling us either followers (Texas had been doing the same thing) or thugs (even though we dont blast the lyrics) for dancing to this song from my Auburn friends. Then I send them a videos showing the auburn player chop blocking Glen Dorsey and that guy from Clemson and they shut up about any thuggary.


  2. Bulldog Bill

    Did anyone else out there notice that we didn’t see or hear the Soulja Boy dance at the Sugar Bowl? Did the admin kill it or what?


  3. Coastal Dawg

    It appears Texas is in their white road uniforms. If that is the case, someone elses PA was playing the song.

    This is becoming an outright thuggary epidemic.


  4. cvjts24

    Thuggery ?

    Is that a term you use to address rap music?

    Soldja Boy is far from a thug. He is just a professional rapper and he gets paid to make hit records. He does not however run an illegal operation or go around intimidating and murdering people who cross him.

    You should find a better word for this supposed random act. You come off as condescending and something else but I don’t want to start name-calling over the internet.


  5. Thuggery ?

    Is that a term you use to address rap music?

    I assume you’re a fairly recent visitor here. Either that, or you’re tone deaf when it comes to sarcasm.

    Do a search of the word “thug” at this blog, or start with this post of mine, and I think you’ll better understand where I’m coming from with this post.