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CFN‘s got a couple of pieces up this morning. One is a national overview of how some of the interesting developments (like how coaching changes are affecting the incoming classes) are going. And then there’s the inevitable Q&A with Jamie Newberg that does have a brief shout-out for A. J. Green.

Meanwhile, make sure you catch Mike Bianchi’s piece on Urban “I Push The Envelope” Meyer’s successful run at gymnast Maranda Smith. Bianchi makes an interesting point that I’d totally forgotten about:

What is it about gymnasts being involved in the football recruiting process? A few years ago, the NCAA investigated a relationship between Pompano Beach high school All-America defensive lineman Corey Simon and Georgia gymnast Leah Brown. Although the Bulldogs were eventually cleared, Simon got out of his Georgia scholarship and wound up at Florida State.

And finally, the fact that Georgia doesn’t have a scholly to offer at this point may have stopped Omar Hunter from looking, but it doesn’t seem to have put a damper on Neiko Lipscomb’s interest.


UPDATE:  In a story that has more twists and turns than a bad crime novel, it turns out that Florida isn’t through looking into Meyer’s recruitment of Moore and Smith.


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