Coming soon to a theater near you

Notice the member of the cast in the lower left hand corner of the poster.  I wonder if there’s a scene where he goes after a player’s family jewels…



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9 responses to “Coming soon to a theater near you

  1. And George Clooney still looks good.


  2. dean

    Is that Uga?
    I have a hard time buying Clooney’s “tough guy” routine. I doubt the guy has ever been in a fight. He’s to scared to mess up the face.


  3. HVLDawg

    Let’s face it. Even fake teams wish they had Uga. Clinically, its called Ugaenvy.


  4. Prissy Pants

    Everybody knows, that in the tradition of Rock Hudson, George Clooney is a CLOSET PRISSY PANTS!!! Do I need to make this a bit more obvious? Clooney is “light in the loafers… a Hollywood QUEEN!!!


  5. Ally

    I can’t wait to see this. It was filmed in and around my hometown last year.
    And, I can tell you boys for sure after meeting Mr. Clooney at a downtown restaurant…he’s no queen nor is he light in the loafers 😉


  6. Well, great, Ally. But we fans want to know about the bulldog. 😉


  7. dean

    Seriously is that Uga?
    And Ally, I would expect 99% of straight women in the USA to say the same thing about ol’ George. While I don’t think the man’s a homosexual, not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just have a hard time watching a movie in which he plays a so called tough guy.


  8. Based on this report from a dude who was on the set, it is NOT Uga VI:


  9. CLTDawg

    Yeah Dean – I’m with you. I won’t call him gay, but he’s definitely seen one up close. And I wouldn’t put it past him to hold one in his mouth on a bumpy road either.