Recruiting: what’s not to like?

Orson at EDSBS has a post up that’s an interview with’s recruiting guy, Andy Staples, that will warm the cockles of the hearts of Georgia fans.

First, the good stuff:

5. Conversely: whose class is addressing needs perfectly?

… I realize a lot of Florida fans frequent EDSBS, so they’re not going to like this. Georgia really didn’t need much more talent, but the Bulldogs cleaned up. A.J. Green, a 6-4 receiver from Summerville, S.C., looked like a future star at the Under Armour All American game on Jan. 5. Georgia has 25 commitments, and five players already have enrolled.

Then, even better, the bad stuff:

6. What programs are tanking in this year’s recruiting?

Tennessee has not gotten many of its high-profile targets, but the Vols still have a chance to bolster the class with a few undecided players. One is Anniston, Ala., offensive tackle Antoine McClain, who also is considering Alabama, Auburn and LSU. Georgia Tech, which is hampered by high academic standards and a coaching change, hasn’t pulled in any big-name recruits…

Sounds like a bee-you-tee-ful year to me.



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3 responses to “Recruiting: what’s not to like?

  1. kckd

    Seriously, what are these high academic standards Tech has? I know a couple of kids and some teacher who taught them that went to Tech, one was a good student, but the other just met the NCAA qualifying standard and he was given a scholarship.

    This is the same school that gave Kenny Anderson a scholarship almost twenty years ago and that kid had neither sterling grades and barely passed the SAT on his last try.

    The gap between GT and UGA has closed significantly in the past few years in regards to the normal incoming freshman/non athlete student. Where are these high standards everyone keeps talking about?


  2. Honestly, I don’t believe the standards are that different anymore – especially for athletes – but I do think where GT does have a valid point is that the curriculum is more restricted there than it is at UGA (although there have been some recent changes in that direction, too).


  3. Next Wend should be a national holiday. After that sports are over until August.