A wild and crazy guy

That Evil Mark Richt meme takes a hit with this SI.com recruiting story.

After recounting the Willie Williams saga, complete with wine, wimmen and lobsters, Andy Staples lets us know what passes for a hot night in Dawg Land:

… To understand how the official visit — the two-day, all-expenses-paid trip that allows prospective athletes to see what a school has to offer — has changed since your tour, Willie, consider the wildest part of the biggest visit weekend at Georgia this recruiting season. On the night of Dec. 6, some of the nation’s top players gathered at the home of Bulldogs coach Mark Richt and played ping-pong. That’s right, ping-pong.

“[Richt] is pretty dominant. He didn’t lose the entire night,” said Bryce Ros, a Kennesaw, Ga., tight end who will officially sign next week to play for a coach who apparently is the best American table tennis player since Forrest Gump.



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5 responses to “A wild and crazy guy

  1. Hey to Goober

    The best part of this article is actually the last few paragraphs wherein Staples describes two Tennessee players getting busted by the po-po for marijuana possession while hosting a recruit.

    Fulmer’s response?

    “Fulmer did not suspend the players, but he did ban them from hosting recruits for a year.”

    Seems they stopped puttin’ corn in a jar up on Ole Rocky Top …



  2. SonuvaDawg

    I’ll never know how we hold a candle to UT- ping pong vs getting high?

    Considering our success, maybe the world isn’t going in the tank after all…


  3. ugacrazy

    I Love It!!!

    While UT players are smokin it up with a recruit Cheech and Chong style our recruits go to CMR house and hangs out with his family and has good clean fun.

    Another example of the family approach and molding of young men.

    Here’s to CMR and staff for a great season and recruiting class..


  4. NM

    Remember, there’s hundreds of game-changing blue chippers out there. Every SEC team is full of them. But the hot-shot recruit who ends up spending his freshman fall in jail, military school, or suspended for “violating team rules” doesn’t do you a whole lot of good.

    Coach Richt knows you want good players that are also good men… and then you make them better at both. On average, the guys that are happier playing ping-pong than smoking out will make your team much better, off the field AND on it.

    I wonder where Quincy Carter would have ended up had he been about ten years younger.


  5. A lot has been made about the family atmosphere and the emphasis on life development – beyond even football. I have always admired that – but at the same time, I want to win. I want to win big. I want to win them all.

    For a few years, I wondered if 10-2 was the best we could hope for given the philosophy. Me thinks I have seen the worm turn…. 2008 will be a good clue.