Whimper, not a bang

Part the fourth of the Ann Arbor News’ series on how the University of Michigan handles the academics of its student athletes contains no earth shattering revelations, unless you’re surprised to learn that major colleges devote significant resources to making sure that their student athletes remain academically eligible.

The truly damning stuff came out in the first article.   The rest of it can be summed up with this quote:

… Daniel Horton, who played basketball at Michigan from 2002 to 2006, was more blunt, laughing at the suggestion that academics came ahead of sports.

“There are consequences immediately if you don’t show up for practice,” Horton said. “The next day, you have to run or aren’t going to play or something like that. There’s no immediate consequences for not doing your homework or not studying that night.

“It’s a farce for the NCAA to say that academics should come first. It’s good in theory. … But it’s not really like that, not just at Michigan, anywhere.”

It’s the world we live in.  And UM, as much as some would like to believe otherwise, is a part of the same world.

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  1. NM

    Although it’s getting to be “like that” at Georgia… where there are consequences for not going to study hours or to class.

    Take that, Tech.