Reading the spring practice tea leaves

While I’m not trying to get down to Jeff Schultz’ level (“I believe now has a rule that we must have at least a five-inch blog every time somebody burps in Butts-Mehre Hall.”) with this post, I have to admit it’s been kind of hard lately to write anything of depth with regard to Georgia’s spring practice.

That is, unless you consider the insight Coach Martinez shared with the media about Georgia’s first scrimmage deep:

Georgia defensive coordinator Willie Martinez said Georgia’s first scrimmage of the year on Saturday was a “tale of two halves.”

“Both sides were sluggish, that’s a pretty good way of looking at it,” Martinez said after the Bulldogs’ 21/2-hour scrimmage at the Woodruff Practice Fields. “There was some good, there was some bad on both sides of the ball.”

Martinez said the defense “showed a lot of energy, a lot of fight, early on in the scrimmage and as it finished, I thought it fizzled.”

I didn’t think so. Still, there are a few nuggets to be gleaned from the muck if you sniff around and do a little digging.

  • Richt is talking up Walter Hill at WR, but downplaying Aron White at TE.
  • Israel Troupe mentions that “Bean” Anderson is running with the first team OL.
  • Knowshon Moreno is getting a look at punt returner.
  • Kade Weston continues to be a big dude.
  • And you might enjoy reading mcdawg’s post (second in this thread) at the Online Athens Forum for some more info on spring practice.


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6 responses to “Reading the spring practice tea leaves

  1. Kit

    I’m not too sure about Moreno at PR. Don’t get me wrong, if I were playing NCAA 2009, I’d sub him in all day, but I think he’s too valuable to throw back there and possibly get him hurt.

    However, TB returned kicks for us and never seemed to get too hurt by doing it, so I guess that’s why I’m not coaching.


  2. Chuck

    I’ve had similar thoughts, Kit. And Thomas Brown DID get hurt returning kicks for us. I forget which injury it was, maybe his collar bone, but he missed some games because of a kickoff injury.

    Punt return is less intense, though.


  3. Kit

    True, PR is much less of the “runner hits wall” than KR.

    What I’d like to see is have a speedster like Remarcus Brown or even Dontavious Jackson get back there and make some plays and save Knowshon’s legs for what will obviously be a year where Defenses will be keying on him. He’ll get all of his yards honest in 2008 because no one is going to ignore him.

    I know PR is up for grabs since Mikey left, but does anyone know of Asher is the guy for KR?


  4. Asher is going to return kicks. He’s also being considered for punt returner.


  5. Scott

    I’m looking forward to Carlton Thomas coming in the summer…just from what I’ve seen on his film, he looks like a good answer at PR…except for the fact that he is a true frosh.


  6. dean

    TB tore his ACL while returning the opening kickoff of the 2nd half in the Vandy game in Athens in ’06. He broke his collar bone in the ‘Ol Miss game this year.

    While I don’t think any team ingnored Moreno after the UF game I do agree with the majority in saying that it makes me more than a little nervous at the thought of Moreno returning punts.

    Richt has been praising Hill all spring. I’m excited about watching him in the spring game.