“College football has never, ever, for one stinking day, been about fairness.”

The Orlando Sentinel’s Tim Stephens, who’s a firm D-1 football playoff advocate, offers a stinging rebuttal to Rep. Neil Abercrombie’s attack on the BCS.

… The BCS is not the dividing line, and not the root cause of any divide between haves and have nots. The real dividing line rests in the seats at stadiums across America. You can see a direct correlation between the number of seats filled — or not — and lot in college football life. The schools that fill their stadiums every Saturday are at the top of the food chain. Those that don’t are at the bottom. There are reasons that North Texas is not Texas and Central Michigan is not Michigan. That some schools have leverage for home games and flex that scheduling muscle is not unique to football. It is a fact of life in all college sports with free-market scheduling.

Regardless of which side of the debate you fall, it’s definitely worth a read.  Particularly his words of warning at the end of the post.

… Instead of complaining to Congress, fans of the alleged discriminated-against schools should buy a few more tickets. And then they better hope the system stays as is.

They might not like the alternative.

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