Which Matt has Matt been watching?

Matt Hayes continues to mystify me with regard to this perception he has about Matt Stafford.

Here’s his latest insight:

… What in the world makes anyone think this Arizona State team, with a revamped offensive line, can bang heads with Georgia, which has one of the best defensive lines in the nation? Here’s one reason: Ubertalented Dawgs quarterback Matthew Stafford struggles in true road games and still must embrace the concept of incompletions instead of interceptions.

Stafford played in six games away from Athens last year.  He threw six interceptions in those six games.  As for struggling, his two worst games last season were home games against South Carolina and Kentucky.

Hayes keeps revisiting this notion he has about Stafford’s weaknesses, so it’s not accidental.  I just don’t understand where he gets it from, unless he only watched Stafford’s play in his freshman year.



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3 responses to “Which Matt has Matt been watching?

  1. dean

    I honestly don’t think Matt has been watching Matt play very much at all. My opinion is Matt has been looking at Matt’s stats and nothing else. If he watched Matt play at all last year or even at the end of his freshman year he would have seen that Matt learned the importance of a loss of down versus an interception. Sure Matt still makes bad throws now and then and he will throw a couple (only a couple hopefully ) of interceptions this year but what QB doesn’t make bad throws or throw interceptions. As for Matt struggling more in road games I don’t see where that’s coming from either.


  2. HamDawg11


    Who’s on first?


  3. dean

    Thanks for picking up on that HamDawg11. I did miss a couple of chances when I used “he” when referring to Matt Hayes.