Can you feel it?

C’mon, people, it’s the start of the Paul Johnson era!  Chan’s gone.  “Dog” is a fading memory.  It’s time to get pumped up.

Evidently, Yellow Jacket pulses aren’t racing.

… At the moment, McLaren’s most pressing concern is figuring out why some patrons didn’t renew for this season. After processing this year’s requests, he said the renewal rate for season tickets was 85 percent. It’s McLaren’s job to find out why.

In general, it’s not a good sign for season tickets to decrease in the year a team changes coaches, as Tech did by hiring Paul Johnson. McLaren said he is in the process of calling the fans who didn’t renew and he’s finding, more often than not, it was simply an oversight.

“A lot of them just forgot and say they still want their tickets,” said McLaren, who is Tech’s assistant athletics director for sales and business development. “People we’re talking with say they’re very excited about what Paul Johnson brings and saying, ‘Sign me up.’ We’re actually very pleased with the way things are going.”

The capacity of Bobby Dodd Stadium is 55,000, and McLaren estimates that Tech has sold around 26,000 season tickets.

I guess these folks were so excited about Tech football that they forgot to renew their season ticket orders.  It kinda makes you wonder what they do about things they’re not excited about.


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3 responses to “Can you feel it?

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Since they are using a 1920’s offense maybe they need a “win one for the gipper” pep rally.


  2. 81Dog

    The next unfortunate to take the head coaching position at Mustard Tech is going to run that revolutionary offense known as the wing T.

    Sure, nerd patrons are all atwitter about Paul Johnson. Who wouldnt be? Nothing screams intimidation like a doughy litte guy who looks like he bit into a lemon as he runs the “Offense of the 60s” against regular BCS competition for the first time. Personally, I dont know why we’re bothering to play the games, because GTU fans seem convinced PJ is going to own us all. Of course, this isnt enough to make them reach for their wallets and actually come to the games. I guess hot dogs, Cokes and street mimes arent the draw they used to be, and in tight economic times, one must remember that Zima doesnt just pay for itself.

    It’s possible that the 15% drop in tickets is just reflective of the fact that the UGA game is in Athens this year, so none of us needed to buy any tickets to the Joke this year.


  3. flightdocdawg

    I’m still LOL at 81dog’s comment!