Big Ten Network: peace breaks out with Comcast.

For all intents and purposes, the war between the Big Ten Network and Comcast Cable is over (h/t The Wizard of Odds). And while the BTN didn’t get everything it demanded, it did pretty damned well.

… The BTN completed the deal without caving on its central demand: that the channel be placed on expanded basic, rather than a sports tier, in the eight-state footprint. Only Philadelphia will be excluded.

Comcast can eventually move the channel to a more exclusive digital level of service in some systems.

The network’s initial asking price was $1.10 per month per subscriber. Even with Comcast paying 70 to 80 cents, as sources indicated, that represents a massive cash influx.

I suspect that Commissioner Slive and his bosses are looking this development over very carefully… and pretty happily, too.


UPDATE: Kevin at Fanblogs doesn’t think it’s such a great deal for the BTN.

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