Perhaps she needs more fiber in her diet.

All I’ve got to say after seeing this picture taken at Michigan’s Women’s Football Academy

… is I don’t know what’s going on there and I don’t want to know, either.



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5 responses to “Perhaps she needs more fiber in her diet.

  1. Chris

    Agreed. Picture speaks for itself!


  2. SSB Charley

    When I think of Michigan women, the word “kankles” comes to mind. That picture didn’t do anything to dispel that tendency.


  3. DirkDawggler

    Actually, she’s in labor…but she doesn’t quite realize it yet for obvious reasons.


  4. dawgfish

    I went to UGA and my dad went to Michigan. I have been to many games up in a2, but the first one I went to after I had started at Uga was a huge eye-opener (though I may have wished my eyes were closed) and made me appreciate my decision even more. The talent gap is even worse among the students (those pics are prob alumni).


  5. dean

    I don’t think she needs anything else in her diet. I’ll bet right after the picture was taken she told Rich Rod to Get. In. My. Belly.