Lead us not into temptation.

Sure, I’ll be happy to preface this by saying that I’ve been eighteen and inebriated before.   For that matter, I’ve been twenty five and inebriated before, too, yet managed to avoid public embarrassment like this.

All of which leads into saying there’s a fine line between youthful hijinks and genuine stupidity – a line which some of these kids are doing a pretty good job of erasing, or at least blurring the edges.

I can’t argue with anything Paul posted early this morning, but dumbassery cuts both ways here, as ESPN’s Chris Low points out.

… The Bulldogs open practice on Monday, and despite what coach Mark Richt finds in his latest investigation, this can’t be the way he’d hoped to go into the preseason. With so many different players involved in so many different incidents, although none of these issues rise to the level of being hardcore crime, it begs the obvious question: Does this team have the proper focus going into a season where everybody will be gunning for it?

Ultimately, that answer will come on the field. But having so much nonsense go down a few nights before the opening of preseason camp isn’t a good sign.


UPDATE: Things appear to be settling down.  At least a little.


UPDATE #2: Not so fast, my friends.


UPDATE #3: Groo helps.  Because you can’t tell the (non-)players without a scorecard.


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9 responses to “Lead us not into temptation.

  1. Rob

    Most of the guys in trouble don’t seem to be names that are in true competition to be starters. Sure, it will hurt our depth, but when it comes to lack of focus, the guys we truly need focused are.


  2. eggsinbasket

    Football is the ultimate team sport and one bad seed and a few wrongdoings by certain individuals do impact the whole. With that said, Richt has always handled these type situations with dignity and grace with the betterment of his team being the single most important factor so whatever punishment he bestows these individuals will be more than deserving.

    It happens at all institutions, but it is the way it is dealt with that strengthens or hurts the team, and I have no reason to believe that this will hurt GA as any past discretions as Richt will handle this with an iron fist.


  3. NebraskaDawg

    These kinds of problems have existed for as long as college football has been around. Now with the internet every little indiscretion is a major story. I hope that at least if our players are involved in a fight they at least kick the crap out of the other guy. It would be even worse to get your butt whipped as a preseason #1.


  4. I applaud Richt for taking these situations seriously with some indefinite suspensions. Remember how Auburn was a laughing stock for the “slaps on the wrist” Carnell Cadillac Williams received for his multiple drunk driving arrests?

    College football is awesome with a capital “A”. Nothing gets me as excited as the anticipation of game day.

    However, I can’t help but note that a college football team is made up of young men at an academic institution where learning and preparing for the future should be the primary focus. Richt seems to have this goal in focus and I applaud him for it. A 25 year old who gets so drunk (twice in a short span) that he urinates in public has a serious issue that deserves serious discipline.

    Of course, I might be a bit jaded. I matriculated at UGA in the Jan Kemp era and Lindsey Scott was in one of my basic J-School classes that was so large it was held in an auditorium. He attended class exactly ONE time and I can guarantee you that the young man passed. After his 4 years with the New Orleans Saints, what became of him? Seriously, I wonder because I know he wasn’t equipped to become a journalist and I couldn’t find hide nor hair of a post-football career mention of him on the internet.


  5. C - Dawg

    Last I heard, Lindsey was a car salesman
    in Valdosta, Georgia.


  6. Dr. Ray

    Maybe I completely missed it, but what was Baldwin charged with?


  7. I agree. As our ole buddy Mr.Gump would say “stupid is as stupid does.” Maybe when the team meets tonight the kids sold out to being number 1 will tell the others to get with ’em or get out. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way!


  8. wathcer16

    man I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that team meeting to see what was said!


  9. dean

    You don’t have to be drunk out of your mind to pee on a wall or get ticketed for public intoxication. All it takes is a couple of beers and no bathroom and a wall looks pretty dang good. Look around most tailgate areas and you’ll see grown men taking a leak in places they shouldn’t. As for the altercation, again you don’t have to be wasted to get in a bar fight. All it takes is a wrong word, a look, a bump, too much testosterone, anything. I’m not justifying the actions of either of them but I can empathize. Now for Mr. Dewberry and Lemon I can’t give them a break. Destroying property of any kind (public or personal) is completely unnecessary. I would have to guess that this will about do for Mr. Lemon and his ties to the university.