Ooh, ooh, growin’ up

ESPN.com’s Chris Low has a two part interview with Matthew Stafford up:  Part 1Part 2.

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s a strong sense of maturity and purpose to Matt that’s new.  Some of it is reflected in his physical shape…

Had a chance to sit down with Georgia junior quarterback Matthew Stafford earlier today, and the first thing you notice is how much he’s trimmed down…

and some of it is reflected in the confident way he answers Low’s questions.

Plus, I’m a sucker for questions like this:

If you could pay to watch three other guys play in the SEC not on your team, who would they be?

MS: I’d put Percy [Harvin] and [Tim] Tebow together. That’s a good one. Jasper Brinkley from South Carolina’s a player and then probably LSU’s whole defense. Eric Berry at Tennessee is a good player, too. I won’t have to pay to watch any of those guys. I’ll get to see them all up close.


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4 responses to “Ooh, ooh, growin’ up

  1. ET

    VERY impressive interview with Stafford. I have no qualms whatsoever leaving our team in his hands this year. Sounds like a man with a head on his shoulders and a determination about him. It’s gonna be a good year.


  2. peacedog

    Also, interesting is the blurb in one AJC article that claims Stafford “launched into a tirade” in a team meeting on Sunday. I think he really is ready to lead; will the team be ready to follow?


  3. Batdawg

    BTW – Props for the Springsteen …


  4. He’s the Big Dawg. It’s his team. He’s the leader. “To whom much is given, much is expected.” He will have a break-out year!