Alabama. Timeless. Reassuring.

One thing that’s good about our neighbor to the west is that tradition is strong.  Resistance to change isn’t futile.  You can count on things there.

Like the fact that Nick Saban still doesn’t believe in depth charts, damnit.  Or that Tommy Tuberville can piously intone about certain negative practices that he doesn’t encourage his players to engage in, nosiree.  Just ask Lee Ziemba.

Ain’t that nice?


UPDATE: Speaking of Alabama(h/t EDSBS)


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6 responses to “Alabama. Timeless. Reassuring.

  1. Ally

    Are we ever gonna hear the real story of what happened to Furr??? Ching says he wasn’t jumped, at the same time admitting he wasn’t there. I’ve read completely different reports ranging from he just got pushed by another teammate to he was jumped by at least three guys & had to be helped off the field by trainers. I also heard Furr’s family took a settlement to make this go away quickly.

    Given Tommy’s history (chop on Dorsey ring a bell?) I’m inclined to believe a version of the latter rather than the former. Most importantly, why does TT always seem to get away with his dirty coaching practices?


  2. “Dirty coaching practices”? Why, whatevah do you mean, sugah? 😉

    They don’t do that at Auburn – just ask him.


  3. Ally

    LOL. You’re right. Whatevah was I thinking?


  4. Groo – great minds think alike. 😉


  5. NebraskaDawg

    That story from Groo sums up the state of Alabama
    to perfection.