Envy and jealousy: Cornelius Ingram edition

I’m sorry about his injury, but +1, Mr. Swindle.

(I don’t really need to quote the line here, do I?)


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3 responses to “Envy and jealousy: Cornelius Ingram edition

  1. RedCrake

    I personally feel really sorry for Cornelius Ingram. It sucks to see a guy who seemed to do it all right go out that way. Here’s hoping he heals up and is able to move on to bigger and better things.

    On the flip side, now we all know what excuse the UF fans will use this year.


  2. Ally

    At this very minute, felons across Gainesville are lined up outside urban’s office seeking their umpteenth chance a la ronnie wilson.

    And Josh Jarboe is at the front of the line. He’s already had his dreds re-dyed in that orange & blue hue.


  3. Steve Detwiler called and said, “Ligaments are over-rated!”

    Tough break for CI. I hope he heals well and does good things on Sundays. I suppose he could consider medical redshirt, but why would he if he will have a legit shot in the draft?