White punks on dope

Make it stop.  Please.


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6 responses to “White punks on dope

  1. NebraskaDawg

    These honkeys have been in the ATL too long.


  2. NCDawg

    Well, if there is any positive to this, the chances of them ever reproducing has to be amazingly low.


  3. Robert

    Silly Nerds…


  4. Rob

    So what gets you more fired up? Tha Perfect Option or Soulja Boy?


  5. 81Dog

    Did they actually play this on Thursday night at Tech during the game? Surely not even the Tech athletic department can be THAT tone deaf.

    On the other hand, they know the tastes of their own fan base, one supposes. I guess nothing screams “street cred” like a couple of callow young white boys from the mean streets of Alpharetta (or east Cobb, or wherever these two are from) trying to rap about football.

    The only way this video could be any gayer would be if the two “rappers” started making out. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.