Metaphor of the day

With 11:30 left to go in the game, Uga VII celebrates his first day on the job with a nap in his house.

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  1. kckd

    One thing you can always count on after the first week of football. Over analyzation on message boards. Did you know you can’t spell analyzation without “anal”.

    How about the guy who already knows Bama’s gonna beat Auburn this year over on the Vent?

    How quickly we forget:

    UGA 26 Bama 23
    UTK 35 UGA 14
    Bama 41 UTK 14

    UF 59 UTK 20
    UTK 35 UGA 14
    UGA 42 UF 30 ( Oh, I forgot though, the bum shoulder made the difference)

    USC by gazillion over ND
    Stanford nips USC
    ND nips Stanford

    and on and on it goes, but the experts know it all after one game. Geeze.