They’ll never retire his number(s).

It occurs to me that it’s getting a trifle pricey to be a dyed in the wool Kiante Tripp fan:

Kiante Tripp is Georgia’s backup tight end today. The redshirt sophomore was a starter at left tackle to begin the season and was a defensive end before moving in the 2007 preseason. He’s wearing No. 83 today after previously donning 47, 64, 75, 92 and 94.

At that rate, he could wind up being a one man memorabilia show.


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5 responses to “They’ll never retire his number(s).

  1. NebraskaDawg

    I’d hate to be his momma trying to keep up with his game jersey for each game. She must have bought 6 different jerseys by now.


  2. Ally

    Awww, that is so sad. Its also why I’m an even bigger fan of his now. He personifies the terms team player and Damn Good Dawg.

    We’re blessed to have an abundance of those types of guys wearing silver britches!

    Thank you Kiante and Go Dawgs!


  3. Papageorgio

    Wow, what a phenomenal, unselfish athlete…

    on the other hand, when will we get away from the fade in the red-zone? How many times does it have to fail before Bobo gets the idea?

    Please RUN THE BALL Mike


  4. Coastal dawg

    Tripp has truly shown himself a team guy. With the loss of Vance, he is likely headed back to OT.


  5. tangweasel

    The fade is probably gone for the rest of this year. It will be back when Murray is the QB.