Fun with numbers

I’ve got a  couple of statistical stories worth sharing with you this morning.

First, from Mike Hugenin at

On its Internet site, the NCAA has a weekly update on the nation’s toughest schedule. One part deals with upcoming opponents, and the NCAA says Texas Tech has the toughest remaining schedule in the nation. The Red Raiders’ remaining opponents are a combined 24-7 (77.4 winning percentage). Kansas is second, at 23-8 (74.2 percent). The Jayhawks play host to the Red Raiders on Saturday. The rest of the top 10: Georgia is third, West Virginia is fourth, Auburn is fifth, Florida and Oklahoma State are tied for sixth, Michigan is eighth, Baylor is ninth and Illinois is 10th.

I guess if the Red Raiders survive that stretch, we’ll be able to say the same thing about Leach’s crew that we’d say about Georgia if the Dawgs win out.

Next, has been coming up lately with some intriguing statistical stories.  The latest thing over there is a look at which schools are best at “stuffing the run”.  Here’s how that’s defined:

A stuff is defined as a tackle for no gain or behind the line of scrimmage on a rushing attempt. Since I want to only consider true rushing plays, I’ve removed sacks and team rushing attempts, such as kneel-downs at the end of the half and snaps over the quarterback’s or punter’s head.

He lists the top 22 schools and I’m genuinely surprised to see Georgia missing from that list.  The good news to take from that, I guess, is that the Dawg defense must be doing a good job of limiting long runs by its opponents.


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3 responses to “Fun with numbers

  1. Rusi

    I wonder if his toughness of schedule rankings include (which, I doubt they do) Championship games and what that would do to each of the teams in question. I think Kansas and Georgia may jump Texas Tech if that were the case and both teams made it that far.


  2. peacedog

    Well, according to we’ve face 178 rushing attempts (a number that I don’t believe is in dispute) and have 36 TFL. That right there is a ~20%, which I think is not too shabby. Having said that. . .

    I can never remeber if a sack scores in the TFL column as well. If so, that does bite into our total. If not, I can’t really scrub this for run/pass plays like the cfbstats guys did.


  3. peacedog

    Hmmm, they made an update and released a CSV; we’re scoring at 32/160 = 20%. That’s only good for middle of the pack in all of D1, though obviously now far percentage points wise from being on the list.