Thursday random bits

Oh, the things you’ll see when you wander around the internets:

  • Spurrier wants all of his quarterbacks to come off the bench.  And he sounds thrilled with Garcia’s work ethic this week:  “He acted like he didn’t want to play today, so we held him out…”
  • Tony Franklin thinks something reeks at Auburn.  And it’s not the men’s bathrooms at Jordan-Hare.
  • Virginia’s Al Groh thinks that Georgia Tech is the hottest team in the ACC right now.  Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson thinks Groh’s team is the hottest in the ACC right now.  Sadly, they could both be right.
  • You’ve gotta love Blair Walsh’s mindset.  Unless you write for College Football News.
  • It looks like Oklahoma State’s gonna need some more old people to insure.
  • Potentially, this is a pretty cool scenario.
  • I’ve found my Halloween costume.


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3 responses to “Thursday random bits

  1. Ally

    Who in his right mind would ever want the OC job at Auburn? You’d have to be a bit of a vagabond or a masochist, maybe both.


  2. dean

    I asked the same thing when Tubbs canned Franklin. Who would want to take a job where the previous 10 or so employees haven’t made it more than 3 years?

    I think Blair is right. They should count field goals if they bounce off the uprights. If a baseball hits the foul pole it’s a homerun, right. Why not count field goals the same way :-).


  3. Ally

    “If a baseball hits the foul pole it’s a homerun, right.”

    Not in the college world series apparently. Just ask Bryce Massanari. I don’t give a damn what Orel Hershiser says 😉