2008 Las Vegas Sports Consultants Top 30, Week 9

The top seven remain unchanged from last week.

Rank Team Rating Previous Notes
1 Southern Cal 113.6 1 Had to work at Arizona.
2 Texas 112.2 2 Hung tough in tight game.
3 Oklahoma 111.9 3 Offensive show at K-State.
3 Florida 111.9 4 Scoring machine over Kentucky.
5 Penn State 110.9 5 May have leaped biggest hurdle.
6 Georgia 108.9 6 Huge road win at LSU.
7 Alabama 108.5 7 Tide stays unbeaten with key road win.
8 Missouri 107.4 10 Happy homecoming over Buffaloes.
9 Texas Tech 107.3 8 Ready for shootout with Texas.
10 Oklahoma State 105.9 11 No shame in defeat at Texas.
11 Ohio State 105.6 9 Losses to #1 and #5.
12 LSU 104.7 12 Ouch…. Bitten by Bulldogs.
13 Texas Christian 103.6 13 Horned Frogs are hard to handle.
14 California 103.4 16 Host the Ducks before trip to SoCal.
15 Oregon 103.0 20 Boat raced Devils in their backyard.
16 Brigham Young 102.9 15 Letdown from loss at TCU…
17 Arizona 102.6 18 Gave Trojans a tussle.
18 West Virginia 102.5 19 Come from behind win over Auburn.
19 Utah 102.3 17 Heading to New Mexico.
20 Kansas 102.1 13 Couldn’t contain Red Raiders.
21 Florida State 101.9 27 Seminoles handle the Hokies.
22 Boise State 101.6 22 Broncos earned tough win at San Jose.
23 Tulsa 101.2 23 Had to rally for win Sunday night.
24 South Carolina 101.0 25 Host the Volunteers this week.
25 Oregon State 100.9 26 Arizona State comes calling.
26 North Carolina 100.5 NR Tar Heels continue solid play.
27 South Florida 100.0 23 Louisville had the answers.
28 Boston College 99.9 20 Stubbed their toe at North Carolina.
28 Nebraska 99.9 NR Steady move up for Huskers.
30 Michigan State 99.8 NR Spartans own solid 7-2 mark.

Interestingly, these guys see Florida as only a three point pick on Saturday.

LSU was seemingly undervalued early in the season.  Now it seems a little pricey at #12.  On the other side of the coin, the Utes and Boise aren’t getting much love.


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3 responses to “2008 Las Vegas Sports Consultants Top 30, Week 9

  1. kckd

    This guy over at the bleacher report thinks the Gators are gonna kill us with the pass rush and Stafford will be horrible. He uses some shotty stats that he didn’t research very well. There’s no way we’re the 14th worst at giving up sacks in the nation.

    “The key factor for Florida, however, might not necessarily be related to the defensive backs, but on how much pressure the Gators can send in Stafford’s direction. The Gators are currently tied for at no. 54 in the nation in sacks on the season with 13, but with a young Bulldog line, that should change.

    Young indeed, the Bulldog offensive line is. With two sophomores and three freshman protecting Stafford, it might be a field day for the Florida pass rush. Georgia has allowed 13 sacks on the season, which is tied for the 13th most in the NCAA.”



  2. Macallanlover

    At first I felt this poll was objective and took a refreshing, unconventional look at teams’ strengths and not just their record. But seeing USC not fall after struggling with Arizona, and Texas Tech slip with an dominating win getting jumped by Mizzou, makes me wonder. (Not comparing USC and TT, just noting the behavior of the vote.)

    Seems to have a bit of West Coast bias, and have to question Ohio State at #11 having lost their only two decent match-ups, and struggles with lesser teams (Troy). All in all, good to have a different prespective but imagng the outcry if a poll that counted in the BCS had USC ahead of Bama, Texas, and Penn State! It might help get us a playoff…..maybe I like this poll a lot.


  3. Ally

    Good Lord kckd, what did you expect? The article was written by a 14 year old! lol!

    The fact that a 14 year old kid is allowed to write for the bleacher report should show you the depth of their journalistic integrity. Seriously, don’t waste your time debating someone who just learned how to cut his own food.