Mumme Poll, Week 13

As might be expected, Texas Tech’s blowout loss to Oklahoma had some impact on the voting.  The Sooners have climbed into a four way tie for first.  Overall, there’s a great deal of consolidation in our minds all the way down to the thirteenth slot, but with this week’s slate of rivalry games and next week’s conference championships, I don’t believe all of that will last.


T1.    Alabama (39)

T1.    Florida (39)

T1.    Oklahoma (39)

T1.    Texas (39)

5.      Southern Cal (22)

6.      Texas Tech (8)

7.      Penn State (4)

T8.    Utah

T8.    Georgia

10.    Ohio State

11.    Oklahoma State

12.    Missouri

13.    Boise State

T14.  Georgia Tech

T14.  Oregon State

T16.  Cincinnati

T16.  TCU



  • We lost two voters and one ranking spot this week, as only seventeen schools received votes.  There’s a huge drop from 13th to 14th in the number of votes.
  • If Oregon State beats Oregon this weekend, I expect the Beavers will jump up in our rankings, based on many of your comments.
  • Lots of indecision about Georgia’s merit, but almost everyone cast a vote for the Dawgs in the end.
  • No LSU this week.
  • Penn State got some top five love this time around.  JoePa thanks you.
  • Utah was left off of one ballot, but received five top five votes on the others.
  • Blog posts on the Mumme Poll:  The Hobnail Boot; Thinking Bulldog; Runaround Sue’s; A Bulldog in Exile.

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