Florida-Tennessee: it’s just business, except for the part that’s personal.

Before you read any further, let me state for the record that I would never root for anyone playing organized athletics to suffer serious injury.  That being said, I can’t help it if my mind pondered the unthinkable after reading what Barnhart had to say about this week’s meteor game.

At any point in Saturday’s game with Tennessee,  will Urban Meyer take his foot off the gas? Not only no, but hell no. I understand that when Lane Kiffin accused Urban Meyer of cheating in recruiting (he later had to apologize because Meyer did not cheat) the Tennessee coach basically wrote a check with his mouth that he knew his team would not be able to cash. But back then Kiffin wanted to rally his fan base and a little controversy was a small price to pay in order to do that. But Saturday the bill comes due. Tennessee is an undermanned football team (compared to Florida) right now. But also understand that this game is about recruiting. Tennessee came into the state of Florida and picked off a kid (Nu’Keese Richardson) that the Gators really wanted and thought they had. Meyer wants to send a message to future recruits from the state that it’s probably not a good idea to go to one of Florida’s biggest rivals. You can always expect Meyer to pour it on when he plays Tennessee or Georgia. That’s just the nature of the business.

OK, fine.  Let’s say it’s early in the third quarter and the Gator defense has just returned Crompton’s third pick of the day for a touchdown, making the score, say, Gator Chomp 41, Rocky Top 0.  Tempers begin to fray.  After Tennessee goes three-and-out (again), Corch Meyers sends the GPOOE™ back on to the field to get even more medieval on the collective Volunteer ass only to watch as a Tennessee defender – a frustrated Tennessee defender – injures Tebow and puts him out for the rest of the season.

I think it’s fair to say that all hell breaks loose at that point, but can you imagine the reaction from something like that happening?  And not just the questioning as to whether the injury was deliberately caused; how about Meyer dealing with the issue of what Tebow was still doing in the game at that point?  Like I said, I certainly don’t wish injury to Tebow, but, man, the aftermath sure would be entertaining, as least from a neutral party’s point of view.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’ll try to think innocent thoughts the rest of the day.



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  1. Tom

    C’mon, Senator – neutral doesn’t mean that you hate both equally.

    You bring up an interesting point though. I think there’s one thing we do know for sure though – if Tebow goes down, both Gary Danielson and Uncle Verne will break down into uncontrollable sobs and be inconsolable for the remainder of the season. So at least we’d have that.


  2. Tim Tebow's ACL



  3. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a UT player run over the sideline and break Corch’s fingers while calling a late timeout.

    I’m not for injuries either but when you perspire evil…


  4. My friends and I drew up a play late in the 2005 season (before the bowls) that we called the 32-Waterboy-Skee-du. Defensive coach suits up the most expendable player on the team, and sends him in to poke/gouge Matt Leinart in the eyes or otherwise prevent him from playing the rest of the season (we weren’t banking on a permanent injury, mind you). Now, I could see Weis doing this against USC, but I have a harder time seeing Monte Kiffin stooping so low.


  5. On the Bright Side

    If that scenario were to unfold, I’m pretty sure you’d see lots of John Brantley at that point. Meyer has been pulling the plug on Tebow awfully early this year and while you may loathe him, I think you’d concede he isn’t idiot enough to risk the whole season on the circus freak that is ut football at this point. Meyer can run up the score with the passing game, get his backup some good playing time and protect Tebow all at the same time.


    • Left to Right

      This is why I like taking UT and the points (now 29 1/2).


      • fisheriesdawg

        Same here. I think the only way Florida covers is if the game stays tight until about midway through the third quarter and then Florida blows it open.

        The Brantley-led #2 offense hasn’t exactly been explosive against weak competition. I don’t see why they’d be able to keep pouring it on against Tennessee’s first team.

        If Urban really does leave his starters in (I don’t see him doing it), he’s a freaking moron. Somebody on that Tennessee defense WILL make it their goal to give the GPOOE a kill-shot.


  6. The Realist

    I want no serious injury to come upon anyone, especially until they are no longer eligible to redshirt for the year. I just want Tebow to finish his career this year so the college football world can memorialize him with a statue (of the jump-pass of course) and move on.


  7. DirkDawggler

    I’m hoping for a small piece of anti-matter to zap both teams during the pre-game handshake.


  8. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Lane (GWOL) Crisis of the Day(COD) Piece, 17 September 2009.

    Master bedroom, Lane’s Palace, Green Zone, Knoxville –

    Lane had a strange dream last night that Urban was speaking in tongues to Lane about milkshakes and throwing bowling parts and accessories at him.

    Then Lane came to, shook it off and thought aloud to himself, “Am I still in Oakland?”

    “No, honey, you’re in east freaking Tennessee,” said Layla One, “Get dressed, you’re taking the family to Dollywood today!”


    “Yes, dear,” Lane said but he somehow couldn’t shake the feeling that he couldn’t remember whether the milkshake was vanilla or orange flavored.


  9. HamDawg11

    I tend to think Meyer is a little smarter than Mike Shula. Just ask Tyrone Prothro.


  10. benjamin

    just as important is when to pull defensive stars like spikes and dunlap


  11. MoggsDawg

    I think I’ll bask in those thoughts until Saturday


  12. OviedoDawg

    I’m sick and tired of everyone talking about how the Gators will run the score up and basically score at will. The UT D isn’t Charleston Southern or Troy. And what gives you the impression the Gators have replaced Harvin? They haven’t faced a good high school team yet. Yes the Gator D has dominated those two high school teams; but they’ve yet to be tested THIS year.
    You can’t tell me the UT D isn’t hearing all this. Unless UT gives them a short field or a special teams score, the game will be relatively close.
    I don’t believe UF will lose; but I actually don’t see the 60-0 blowout either.


  13. Me

    How is this an issue? Tebow would just heal himself. Have we forgotten, we are talking about the College Football Messiah.


  14. Irishdawg

    I got into a friendly debate with a UF law school grad and Gator fan yesterday, and he honestly said that UF fans weren’t “bad winners”. I almost caught on fire. How can anyone with an ounce of observational ability try and put forth that notion. Florida fans may be the most ungracious winners since the Mongols.


  15. Dog in Fla

    Lane Kiffin Show with Urban Meyer


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  17. Macallanlover

    I can see UF getting up comfortably by the thrid quarter and bringing in their highly touted back-up QB to “legitimately” throw the ball under the guise of getting him ready if needed later in the season. Wouldn’t that humiliate Junior even more, provide cover for Corch Meyers, and protect the Chosen One?

    One other thought, what if Junior sends Queen Layla over to visit Corch at the hotel and “convince” him to go easy on hubby? Not only does she have the talent, but she is a Gator grad and as a potential big money booster may have legit access.


  18. JasonC

    How much crazier would it be if Tebow got injured because Meyer was giving him his under-center snaps in the second half.


  19. Toom

    Also, what if Richardson were knocked out of the game. Talk about a message, leave Florida to go to Tennessee, you get knocked out. Intentional or not, that would stir the pot.


  20. AceG8tr

    You guys just need to wait your turn. We’ll get around to you in good time.



  21. Tebow might not make it as a quarterback in the NFL… But then again he has lots of determination, talent, and discipline. Who knows?

    If nothing else, Tebow would make a great tight end in the NFL.

    And whether you like him or not, he has accomplished more than any other quarterback in college history. He might not be the best passer but he is able to pass as well as anyone.