Stewart Mandel, master of logic

He’s picking Arkansas to win today, which is no big deal, as lots of folks are.  But how to make sense of his reasoning?

All we really know about the Razorbacks at this point is that quarterback Ryan Mallett leads the nation in pass efficiency after going 17-of-22 for 309 yards against Missouri State. So this pick has less to do with Arkansas and more to do with Georgia, which is littered with question marks following its two games against respectable foes.

In other words, Arkansas is a mystery, but he’s picking them because the Dawgs have lots of question marks.  That’s some deep insight.

He gets paid for this.  You have to admire the guy for that.



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19 responses to “Stewart Mandel, master of logic

  1. JasonC

    And if you can light up Missouri State, the next step in the progression is GPOOE II.


  2. bad dawg

    I think “question mark” is his polite way of saying y’all’ve looked bad so far this year. You can argue the quality of their competition, but Ark-y hasn’t looked bad so far.

    I expect a close game, but I don’t think any meaningful conclusions will be drawn from that.


  3. RedCrake

    And the brilliant logic continues.

    Corso and Herbie say Arkansas will win because they have 18 returning starters. Sure those returning starters were terrible last year, ranked last in most defensive categories and allowed more sacks than any other SEC team, but they are all coming back so they must be good.

    Georgia has 15 returning starters, but you know those extra 3 guys for Arky are going to make all the difference.

    On the other hand, I usually look at Corso picking the Dawgs as the kiss of death so I guess I should be thankful that he’s gone soft in the head.


    • NCT

      “soft in the head”

      Too soon?


      • RedCrake

        Well, he survived….so I say its fair game.

        This actually just happened on GameDay:

        “Arkansas has 18 returning starters, they’ll beat Georgia”

        “Washington has 18 returning starters, but they’ll lose to USC”

        Now, I’m not comparing us to USC or Arkansas to UW, but we’ve gotta get that man some new/more stats.


        • Brandon

          I learned long ago that we are essentially the Rodney Dangerfield’s of college football, we get no respect. I think at least as far as the World Wide Leader is concerned, this stems from the fact that we sucked during the much of the 90’s which is when ”Gameday” and most of the sports media punditry truly emerged in American life, they don’t think of us as being good when they think back to their glory days. The opposite is true for Florida and Tennessee, whom they continue to have group orgasms about to this day.


  4. It appears that Georgia football has indeed became an enigma to all who pontificate and predict.

    As for me…..I’ll just keep right on thinking that they are at least as good as Arkansas on any given Saturday. If I remember correctly, wasn’t the Hog defense even worse than ours last year? I don’t see how an over hyped Sasquatch that has thrown 3 passes against Ohio State over 650 days ago is going to shred the Georgia defense,….but that’s just me being me I guess.

    The only way Georgia can lose tonight is to beat themselves with turnovers and penalties. I think executing the Petrino offense will prove much more difficult against Georgia than it was against Missouruh St. and the young Mr. Mallett just might make a few mistakes. Of course I am a known moron and nothing I say should be taken seriously.



    • RedCrake

      We he did lead Michigan to a victory over Notre Dame….and as we all know they are the best team evah! So I guess we’re toast.


  5. Stephen Hawking

    Look at Mandel’s prediction record, I’m glad he picked the pigs.


    • RedCrake

      I thought the same thing. If you can’t get close to .500 in the first two weeks with so many gimme games, you should probably be seeking employment in another field.

      I’m 23-7 in my pick em’ pool…Sports Illustrated here I come.


  6. I wish we hadn’t gotten ourselves in the position of being underdogs to Arkansas. Our program is supposed to be way ahead of theirs at this point. It should be a no-brainer to pick Georgia, but it isn’t. That says alot.


  7. Prov

    Why do people even pay attention to this clown? I don’t even like Deal or No Deal.


    • RedCrake

      Sadly, it does seem like this Mandel is getting his picks by just choosing suitcases at random.

      Plus, Stewie just tries so hard to be funny. His last Mailbag comment each week is a reliable source of douche chills.

      Howie, on the other hand, is effortlessly hilarious.
      I love me some “Bobby’s World”.


    • HamDawg11

      +1 Prov


  8. Not sure that long stint in rehab did Stewey much good


  9. mykiesee

    I had a girlfriend who used to pick winning teams by which helmet she thought was prettiest. She had a better W-L record than this guy.


  10. 81Dog

    Stewart Mandel is stealing money from Sports Illustrated. He must have pictures of the CEO of Time Warner and a goat. A reasonably bright middle schooler could write more cogently, and my golden retriever is doing a better job so far on football picks. To be fair to Stewart, however, she probably has more time to spend studying stats since she doesn’t have a column to write. On the other hand, she doesn’t have opposable thumbs, so it’s a little harder for her to handle reference materials. I guess she really IS just smarter.


  11. almightytmc1

    So Much for Stewie’s Midas Touch.


  12. scDawg

    Stewart actually picked the Huskies to upset USC?!!? That’s one heck of a call.