Mumme Poll results, week seven

Here you go:

Rank Team Votes (top five)
1 Alabama 341     (341)
2 Florida 339     (328)
3 Iowa 337     (212)
4 Texas 336     (316)
5 Cincinnati 322     (195)
6 Southern Cal 322     (152)
7 Boise State 302
7 Miami 302
9 TCU 286
10 Georgia Tech 275
11 LSU 268
12 Oregon 258
13 Penn State 127
14 Virginia Tech 113
15 Oklahoma State 64
16 Houston 23
17 BYU 15
18 Pittsburgh 11
19 Ohio State 7
19 Texas Tech 7
21 South Carolina 6
22 Oklahoma 5
22 South Florida 5
22 West Virginia 5
25 Utah 4


  • To start with, please accept our apologies for some glitches at the site that caused some problems with the voting.  That’s probably reflected in the lesser number of ballots we processed this week.  Accordingly, if you didn’t vote this week for whatever reason, it won’t be counted against your eligibility as a participant.
  • Alabama was the only team this week to appear on every ballot cast.
  • If the Mumme Poll were more prominent, c0uldn’t you just hear Pete Carroll’s whining about USC’s ranking?
  • There were votes cast for a total of 33 schools.
  • No ballots were tossed this week for questionable votes.  Good show, gang.
  • Highest ranked team without a top five vote?  #15 Oklahoma State.
  • Lowest ranked team with a top five vote?  #22 Oklahoma.  (And, no, it wasn’t cast by an Oklahoma-affiliated voter.)
  • Bias watch:  340 registered Georgia voters (186 ballots), 0 votes for Georgia, 157 votes for Georgia Tech.  You know that had to hurt.


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15 responses to “Mumme Poll results, week seven

  1. The Realist

    Yes. Yes, it did hurt. But, not as much as ranking Oregon.

  2. Will Q

    “You know that had to hurt.”

    I would say you have no idea, but I know you do.

  3. travis fain

    “Alabama was the only team this week to appear on every ballot cast.”

    There are people out there who don’t think Florida or Texas (or some of those other obvious choices) is one of the 12 best teams in the country?

    That’s incredible. I would like to see their ballots.

    • Macallanlover

      I interpreted that to mean they received no votes for the Top 5. I can see how that could happen, especially with Texas’ problems in a couple of weak games, but it would be hard to rationalize either of them being left off the list of Top 12. So many teams have either slipped once, or struggled in more than one game, that there is a wide range of justifiable candidates that could attract votes.

      I have a harder time understanding how Oklahoma could be in anyone’s Top 12 than I do someone ranking 5 teams ahead of Florida or Texas.

      • Hobnail_Boot

        Neither was in my top 5, both were in my top 12.

        • Ausdawg85

          Mind posting your Top 5 then? Texas schedule is weak and wins not so impressive if one is a big believer in the Cincy/BSU/TCU records, but how do the Gators (sadly) not make your top 5? I ask not to have a debate, but because I’m assuming its the teams with what I perceive to be weaker SOS and I’m trying to see if I’m not being fair to them. As a Dawg fan, I sti

          • Ausdawg85

            …I still don’t like the Hawaii Sugar Bowl bid.

            (Sorry for the typing glitch that cut off my previous response…must have been the gag reflex over voting for Tech kicking-in again).

          • Hobnail_Boot

            In alphabetical order: Alabama, Cincinnati, Iowa, Miami, USC.

            I actually thought out a ‘top 7’, and UF/UT would have made that cut if that were how the Mumme was conducted.

      • Macallanlover, it means what Travis thinks it means.

        Florida was left off two ballots and Texas was left off five.

        • Macallanlover

          Then I have to say those votes are “troubling” to me, and indicates “extreme predjudice”, or an attempt to influence the rankings, both of which would bother you, I would think. Those 5-7 ballots should be scrutinized, and explanations asked for, imo. As stated, I can see the Top 5 not having them included, but do not find leaving them out of the Top 12 credible.

        • travis fain

          You should get those folks in touch with Coach Richt. I believe they’re qualified to be one of our coordinators.

  4. mdr

    Yeah, it hurt. But it will feel a lot better if we get to ruin it for them in November.

  5. ucheedawg

    Senator, can you give us the logic a voter had for voting a 3 loss Oklahoma team into the Top 5? Seems mighty odd to me. I’m sure that an explanation was required for accepting that ballot.
    I agree with the others who find it odd that Florida was left out of their Top 12. That doesn’t seem very “scientific”. I’m guessing those voters also had LSU outside the Top 12??

    • I don’t have direct access to the individual ballots, and whoever gave Oklahoma a top five vote didn’t comment, so I can’t enlighten you there.

      We haven’t questioned whether a particular school has gotten a top five nod. Our concerns are with people who put patently unqualified schools on their ballot, like, say, Ball State. When you get down to it, giving the Sooners a top five vote meant absolutely nothing this week, since they didn’t finish anywhere near the top five in the voting.

      As for Florida, a common sentiment I saw from people who were penalizing the Gators was that they were doing so for that team playing a weak schedule and not dominating their SEC opponents on a consistent basis.

      • Macallanlover

        I don’t find a vote for Ball State any less ridiculous than a vote for a 3-3 Oklahoma in the Top 5. Both are tampering with the poll, or mocking it. As the “father” of this baby, you must feel they are molesting your child. I suggest a firm hand to make sure voters know this is being watched, and will not be tolerated. DQ the infiltrators! Those who want to give this a fair chance don’t want their votes undermined by those with an agenda.