The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Any disappointment I felt from reading the news at the AJ-C that Georgia is likely to lose a four-star defensive back recruit as a result of Martinez’ departure was made up for by this quote from the kid’s athletic director regarding how recruiting has gone of late:

“… He’s planning to visit Southern Cal next week. Monte Kiffin has been very persistent. He’s probably been in here more than is legal. Of course they don’t pay attention to the rules.”

And the NCAA is on the line in three… two… one…


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12 responses to “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  1. JasonC

    Getting a bad feeling about recruiting this year. Too many if’s. Now Rogers is looking at Tenn. Of course, he should see if they actually have a QB before he signs, cause I’m thinking the Vols main play is going to be handoff to Bryce.


  2. baltimore dawg

    meh. . . . so we traded a 5-8, 175 lb. corner for three coaches who aren’t willie, jancek, and fabris.

    that’s a hell of a bargain in my opinion, even if we lose a couple more.


  3. Turd Ferguson

    As much as I’d love for us to hang onto Rogers, it certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world if he went elsewhere. Especially if, sometime between now and September, Marlon Brown learns (a) the playbook and (b) how to block.

    I also expect us to pick up a couple guys who are currently leaning elsewhere. Particularly on defense.


  4. The Realist

    I’m not all that worried about recruiting. If Robey had Patrick Peterson’s size, then I might be a little disappointed, but a 5’7″ corner is not a game changer (not that he won’t be a very good player).

    Rogers would benefit from being opposite AJ or backing up AJ for a year, but there is something to be said about going to a place where you are the guy.

    I don’t begrudge any of these players’ decisions. They should choose where they fit in the best — both in scheme and in personality. Not everyone is cut out to play at a particular program.


    • SCDawg

      That’s a very healthy, appropriate attitude towards recruiting. Which begs the question, what the hell are you doing on a college football blog? 🙂


  5. WillieDAWG

    I do not understand all the fuss over recruiting we have been in the top 5 for the past few years and nothing to show for it. It is all about the coaching and heart. I would rather have kids who want to wear the G because of pride and tradition. Those are the ones that are going to play there asses off on Saturday’s not the ones worring about there NFL carrier. Look at BAMA they have taken kids that were not top recruites and made them into players. How many of these 4 stars end up duds.


  6. RedCrake

    While I agree with your point, when you said this:

    “I would rather have kids who want to wear the G because of pride and tradition. Those are the ones that are going to play there asses off on Saturday’s not the ones worring about there NFL carrier.”

    You were describing Joe Cox.

    I generally liked the Ginger Assassin, but we can all agree that didn’t work out to well.


  7. WillieDAWG

    Agreed RedCrake the Ginger Assassin did have a lot of heart. At times he was great and most times he was not, but what would he have been given a true shot at things. And if they do not perform get the next kid in line and put him in the game. I still beleive that Heart goes a long way over these “4 star I’m all that” . Look at our Secondary most of them were 4 star and they could not catch a cold. We got better performance out of the back ups. And what determines the Star ranking does the fact of where these kids play have any condsideration. If you are in a weak confrence or leage does that not take into count.


    • RedCrake

      I agree. Star ratings are best used only as a loose guide, not a solid predictor. And I do only want guys who really want to be here and aren’t just using it as a stepping stone. For the most part, I would just rather have 4/5 Star guys with heart and pride in the Georgia tradition than 1/2 star guys with the same heart and pride. Either that or we could move to the ACC/Big East.


  8. You know what I would like?…(as if any of you really care). I would really like for us to sign the best guys we can then shut the damn doors, coach these guys within an inch of their lives, make them study the freakin play books as they should, feed the defense on raw bloody meat for a month before the season, put our qbacks in intensive study and reps starting now, tell the offense the defense will eat them if they keep coughing up the ball, and leave the whole lot of them alone to theirselves until September. THEN, I want the ghost of Blessed Erk to appear to each member of our team the night before the first game and for each of them to wake up with a bloody forehead. THEN, I want Coach Richt to throw about 50 lbs of red, dripping ribeye on the field and say, “Time to eat boys”.
    I can’t wait until September.