Music to my ears

Yes, God knows talk is cheap, but I still love hearing stuff like this from the new coaches (in this case, Warren Belin):

“We’re going to coach all our linebackers, Coach Grantham and I both, we’re going to work on the basic fundamentals we need to succeed in this 3-4 defense. Our philosophies are very, very similar, which is doing a great job with the fundamentals, and whether you’re an inside or outside linebacker, just playing with speed, being great tacklers and being productive players, whether you’re playing inside or outside. There is a difference. Obviously outside linebackers are going to be coming off the edge and bringing a lot of pressure, but we’re also going to be bringing pressure with the inside linebackers as well. So I think if you look at the two positions, they’re going to go hand-in-hand on a lot of things. But there is a scheme thing that’s going to have to be separate for our guys to be fundamentally sound.”

Fundamentally sound linebackers.  I can’t wait.


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6 responses to “Music to my ears

  1. Charles D.

    It will be a nice change up from what we have seen the last couple of years.

    I also assume that designating guys as “outside” and “inside” will eliminate all that cross-training garbage that Jancek tried to push.

    I think a lot of the problems with the LB’s stemmed from the fact that they were never designated a position and left there, they were always cross-trained.


    • rbubp

      Sounds like “cross-trained” LBs is a euphemism for “confused” LBs. I’m no expert, but I sure couldn’t tell the difference…


  2. Loyed

    You mean….we aren’t going to continue blitzing up the middle through the same gaps while getting zero pressure?



  3. Cojones

    Cross-training came about as a response to the injuries year before last. It carried over to last year especially after 1st game injuries. I don’t think it was any philosophy by any one coach. Jancek , of course, was looking for more people for Special Teams experience.


  4. Thomas Brown


    No discussion whatsoever of the Offense.

    Where are we going to hurt this season ?



  5. Macallanlover

    Perhaps all the discussion excluded comments about the offense because the subject of the post was defense. Nothing amazing about that.

    Nor would it be surprising people are much more concerned about the defense than the offense. Something complete turnover of the staff, new system, and loss of several key players….