Addition by subtraction

I get Tim Tucker’s point about Georgia’s secondary this season…

Outlook: Up in the air. There’s a lot of talent — albeit largely unproven at the collegiate level other than Boykin — and players are genuinely excited about Lakatos’ vision of an aggressive, physical secondary that stresses press coverage and interceptions. As Cuff said during the spring: “Coach Lakatos, he wants the ball.”

… but how much worse could it be than last year?

Georgia allowed 25 touchdown passes (the most in the SEC) and intercepted only 10 passes (the second fewest in the SEC) last season.

Georgia lost a fifth-round NFL draft pick, two UFAs (one of whom Tucker notes has already been cut by the team he signed with)… and Willie Martinez.  No offense to the parties involved, but that hardly seems insurmountable.


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15 responses to “Addition by subtraction

  1. Spike

    Senator,please, pretty please, remove the Tim Tebow ad on here!! I can’t take it anymore.

  2. RusDawg

    I read that one of them was cut and I thought…..has to by Bryan Evans……looks like the Bengals aren’t as hopeless as I thought…

  3. MenloDawg

    I think everybody is worrying too much about the secondary and too little about the front 7. The secondary has a ton of talent and SHOULD benefit from a good pass rush (Houston and Dobbs and Washington).

    • Macallanlover

      That’s where I shake out of the “concern” front as well. I agree we have questions to be answered in the secondary, but the aggression up front is likely to cause as many offensive mistakes in the passing game as our inexperience at DB will lead to easy TDs. I will take a wash in that area as last year’s passing defense numbers were terrible in both coverage and turnovers so it is reasonable to assume we will improve in that phase.

      If the new front seven scheme has just average success against a pounding rush offense, this could be a huge year for us. When you look at all the pieces, this seems to be the decisive area that will determine a decent season from one we will celebrate. Part of my concern is about having the right 3-4 personnel year one, but even bigger is how vulnerable a 3 man front is to smash mouth I-formation, SEC offenses. Remain cautiously optimistic when viewing the whole package though.

      • Richt-Flair

        Fortunately we won’t be playing many smashmouth SEC teams. Most of the ones on our schedule are now more spread me thinks.

        • JC in Powder Springs

          I don’t believe a D that gave up 25 passing td’s needs to worry about smashmouth. But I also agree with you – other than bama, who plays smashmouth in the SEC anymore? Let’s hope it’s the Dawgs this year!

        • Macallanlover

          I agree. Bama, LSU, UGA, and SC may be the most “traditional” teams left but there is still a reliance on the run more than in the NFL where this defense was devised. And you will see Big 10+2 teams and Va Tech in bowl games.

          The diversity has added to the defensive coordinators’ woes, but Bama was able to switch theirs up enough last year to be successful aginst all comers. Of course it helps to have that NG position along with strong ILBs settled.

          • MenloDawg

            The games that worry me are UT and UK as far as “smashmouth” football. No, I don’t think we lose either game this year, but I’d prefer they not be close.

            • Macallanlover

              And Bama in Atlanta. I would also say GT’s commitment to the A back dive qualifies them as well, even though they aren’t an I-formation team. We dominated them last year by stuffing the middle and making them test our speed wide. I don’t worry much about TN as they do not have one OL with starting experience.