Don’t worry, Cam, Finebaum’s got your back.

Paul’s dramatically promising to cast his Heisman vote for Newton.  After all,

… This is a Heisman trophy ballot. Others [sic] past winners, such as Billy Cannon, did time. Johnny Rodgers was convicted of a felony before the balloting and still won. O. J. Simpson beat a double murder rap and is in jail for something else…

If there ever were a trial, he’d make a stellar character witness.

(h/t From The Bleachers)


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16 responses to “Don’t worry, Cam, Finebaum’s got your back.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    A. Who gives a flying f**k what Finebaum thinks.
    B. With friends like that, . . .


  2. Mike

    Finebaum wrote;

    “Everyone knows Newton has made mistakes in the past. That’s how he ended up at Auburn in the first place (his third school in three years). Apparently, Bianchi must not be on a first-name basis with the phrase “redemption.”

    One wonders of his public opinion of Rainey and others that have run afoul f the law.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    You know, I’m so sick of people bringing up OJ Simpson’s Heisman Trophy. It seemed like every single pundit discussing Reggie Bush giving up his Heisman said something like, “if Reggie Bush has to give up his Heisman, then OJ Simpson has to return his, too”. Attention, fools: OJ Simpson commited his crimes decades after winning the Heisman. That would be a little bit like going back and reprinting the yearbook if your senior class’ “Best Dressed” winner ends up being photographed in jorts.

    Also, being convicted of a crime doesn’t make you ineligible to play college football. Being proven guilty of an NCAA violation does. Reggie Bush was guilty of NCAA wrongdoing, which is why he suffered a penalty of losing a prize gained during his time as an NCAA athlete. If Cam Newton is proven guilty of wrongdoing (he hasn’t been and I don’t think he will be), whether it’s being ineligible due to taking money or due to academic fraud, then he’s not elligible for NCAA awards. It’s really not a difficult concept to master, if you really sit down and think about it.


  4. Macallanlover

    As bad as F’Bomb and his callers are, you have to appreciate him not getting sucked into the sewer like so many media members have been. While he has devoted way too much time to this, at least he has denounced the reports and not piled on a hated rival. Much ado about nothing.

    Worst part of all this is the lack of discussion about the game in the week of one of the Top 5-6 rivalries in all of CFB. Come on fans, there is a really good game scheduled in about 95 hours. Talk football, not National Enquirer stuff.


    • I’ve got a post up about Malzahn’s running game and one about expectations for Saturday. Feel free to jump in on either.


    • fuelk2

      I wouldn’t get too ahead of myself in appreciating Finebaum’s discretion here. He realizes he’s got a segment of listeners who are Auburn fans, and he needs to throw them a bone, too. He’s been content to tweak them recently, but he’s jumping on the bandwagon a bit now.

      That’s all this is – there’s an angle to everything he does; it’s as clever as it is annoying. He plays his redneck callers damn well.


      • NRBQ

        Not to mention Auburn is better than Bama right now, from available evidence. He’s hedging his bets.


      • Macallanlover

        I don’t think he is “throwing them a bone” at all. PF could care less about an AU audience, he didn’t when he was just an Alabama show, he certainly doesn’t now that he is national. If anything, he should try to lose his Bama and AU fans, Sirius may realize CFB is deserving of a better show that F’Bomb is giving them. Bill King in drive time would get a much better audience rating. I hate they have eliminated his rerun in the afternoon.


  5. Mike

    Finebaum is now reporting;

    “Ron Sanders AU Undercover,’Five sources say Dan Mullen is the source of the Cam Newton allegations of academic issues.'”


  6. Judgedawg

    Paul, “redemption” is a word, not a phrase, and it has no “first name.”. What a hack.