Exile on Philip Fulmer Way

Banishing Aaron Douglas from the southeastern United States and then watching him sign with a hated rival?  Hey, it’s all good for Derek Dooley, master of spin.

“First of all, I wanted to release him,” Dooley said. “I didn’t want to deny a release, which is what we normally do. But I thought he needed to get away and I thought it was good for our team that he wasn’t close by, so I thought everybody benefited — that we just get away from the deal for a little bit. And I think it worked out well for our team and it worked out well for Aaron, so everybody should be happy.”

Dude, let’s be straight here – you forced the kid out and did it on terms where you hoped he’d sign with some school nobody in these parts would ever see.  Instead, Douglas called your bluff and you’ll have the pleasure of facing him next year.

It should make for a great story on the recruiting trail… for Nick Saban.  That should make Dooley happy, too.



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5 responses to “Exile on Philip Fulmer Way

  1. Chadwick

    Dooley seemingly wanted to hold the kids who wanted out hostage. He blustered about committment, maturity, growing up and honor to all the great things UT gave those kids. I think thosee are the qualities Dooley seemed to be missing in these situations. I hope Douglas mauls the Vols.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I hope EVERYBODY mauls the Vols.


    • Toom

      He was surely DIRECTED to do this. This is consistent with the paranoia that has permeated the program up there under Hamilton. Granted, some of this has been brought to their doorstep but Dooley doesn’t seem like the type.


  2. Macallanlover

    After he reinstated the thug group that boot-stomped the off-duty cop this summer, I assumed the Hillbillies “Stepford Wifed” Derek and implanted ethics from the DNA of Foolmer. UT and UF are the AubieCanes of the eastern division. I really cannot relate to a program where “time to die” and the infamous “boot stomp” is not enough to cause, at least, a full year’s suspension. Frankly, they shouldn’t have been allowed to be in school this fall.


  3. almightytmc1

    Needed more depth on the Oline. Done and dusted with a questionable sort of player.
    But lets be honest…… he has all of 1 chance with Nick Saban and if he blows that he will be playing football for West Central Michigan State College in Dearborn. or some other place no one has ever heard of.