Jimmy Williamson would like to object. Strenuously.

I’m sorry, SI.com, but I don’t see how you can hold this report out as authoritative on the subject of college football thuggery when it doesn’t contain a single reference to scooters, alleys or middle name withholding.


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  1. Zero Point Zero

    “You know why there’s so little crime in Mayberry? There’s Andy, there’s me and baby makes 3 (patting his hip holster)” Barney Fife (aka Jimmy Williams)


  2. Mr. Tu

    Interesting. Yesterday, Texas Dawg wrote this:
    “I fully understand why Southern culture so often trumps basic ethics and decency. That’s just how the South rolls and so long has. ”

    I wonder how he reconciles that statement with the S.I. report ?


  3. Dog in Fla

    The woman who gets raging outbreaks of herpes sees the score of zero players arrested for TCU and objects. She is told she is in the wrong category of sports. Today’s category is college football thuggery. She needs to call again when they post the college basketball thuggery scorecard.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    Good thing we weren’t ranked in the SI Preseason Top 25 last year.


  5. heyberto

    How does Tech have 4 on there? I thought they were squeaky clean?


  6. gernblanski

    I watched the behind the scenes interview with two of the reporters from si.com. They said that they were not interested in minor traffic offenses, open container violations, etc. You know the kind of things that are the sweet spot of the “gritty” Eckstein-esque APD & UGA PD.


  7. Castleberry

    I’m interested to see how the criminal behavior of some of these guys gets folded in to the oversigning debate. We’ve gone there with academics, and I’m sure some of the coaches must be expecting to lose a certain number of guys to other bad deeds.


  8. The Tick

    Regarding the post about Texas Dawg blogging:
    “I fully understand why Southern culture so often trumps basic ethics and decency. That’s just how the South rolls and so long has. ”

    The South has had to endure this lie since the war of northern aggression. There is more honor and decency in the South than in any other area of the USA and it’s always been that way. And it is the biggest misconception ever perpetrated that the South has poor race relations. Truth is, they beat the those of the north hand’s down. And blacks are realizing that finally. I read an article recently about an influx back to Dixie from New York, Detroit, et al.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Maybe….maybe not, about “enduring the lie”….since I am a victim of the Zionist-run media and history writers, and maybe I was asleep during that newscast, but I don’t remember songs written (Strange Fruit and others), books or movies about voter registration efforts in the north….but that’s probably just a function of the northern states having better public relations professionals.



    • Dog in Fla

      “There is more honor and decency in the South than in any other area of the USA and it’s always been that way.” If you’re White like us. We don’t get profiled and that’s a beautiful thing.

      “And it is the biggest misconception ever perpetrated that the South has poor race relations.” Find MLK. Ask him what he thinks.


    • More honor and decency? Every area is less decent than the one you’re from. I’m from Ohio, so the Midwest clearly has the most honor and decency. Meanwhile, all southerners are fat, illiterate bigots who riot over college football and think they’re still fighting the war of southern secession.

      See? Interregional comparisons and stereotypes are stupid.


      • Virgil

        Just a minute! We don’t think we are still fighting the Civil War, we are still fighting the Civil War. It’s only been 150 years since it started (like the NBA playoffs) and unlike those Japanese quitters on Iwo…


    • Slaw Dawg

      Sorry to spoil a perfectly good Dawg blog, but must respond. Back in my younger days, I took my beat up motorcycle northward from Athens, then westward to the Golden Gate and back. Stayed mostly on state roads and went through small towns. I have to tell you, Mr. Tick, that although I hold no truck with Texas Dawg’s comment, Midwesterners were hands down the friendliest and “decentist” folk I ran into, followed closely by Rocky Mountain staters. I was literally hosted and fed in the homes of complete strangers in those 2 parts of the country. Bay Area, Cal folk were rudest. Crossing back into my native region was a mixed bag. Maybe it was the bike, but I was greeted by something like hostility in some places, while getting lots of help in rural Alabama after having engine trouble.

      Have lived in New England for some years now, and tho many Yankees have awful manners (esp. the well to do) and terrible accents, I have found no less (and no more) honor and decency in the average person here than in the South. However, much of this area is highly segregated along ethnic and social lines and I do think there are more and better opportunities for real friendship across racial lines in the South–to this day, I have many more friends of color “back home.”


  9. Cojones

    Mike, you could have stopped with, “I’m from Ohio”… .

    Seriously, your last sentence was right on the mark. I grew up in rural Southwest Georgia, but was in an environment that permitted me to know a few people from “upnawth”. Later in adulthood, some of the finest people in my life came from above the Mason-Dixon line. I was befriended by people from Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania and New York. I correspond (by phone mostly) with several “Nawtheners” I met over 40yrs ago. I’m a hunter and a fisherman and have done both in these states where I found that the outdoor life was and is phenomenal, especially Penn and upstate NY. Not one of those states nor friends assumed anything because I was from the South and I never lost my accent nor tried to cover it up.

    I’ve lived in several areas of the country and in three other countries(yes, I said “lived” as in resided). The area I experienced as most ignorant of other parts of the country(principally The South) was the West Coast. They felt that their part of the country was “God’s Gift” much like Southeners do so they didn’t feel compelled to visit the area.

    Point is: Neither the area of the country recruits come from or are recruited to( or race )have anything to do with truency or adult crime committed before or after joining a team. LaVell Edwards has the correct idea and that’s to work with people on an individual basis, not deal with the past too much. People deserve second chances in life if they simply make mistakes and are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Those with backgrounds of profound moral terpitude are usually punished and physically not available for college football. Investigations into depths of most person’s life will find something that is abhorrent to other people. I’m reminded of a biological adage that fits this discussion:” Big fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite’em; And little fleas have littler fleas and so ad infinitum”.

    Throwing these people together because they play football or any other sport is stupid. If you want everyone to play to the same tune, then we should have football played only in military institutions. Arrest records by football players should get no more or less scrutiny than everyone who attends college and signs the Honor Code. Following numbers(as in the “Fullmer Award”) at individual institutions doesn’t prove anything and is just another way for fans to play oneupmanship with rivals. They are just searching for sensitive cracks in perceived moral standards of that institution.


    • Dog in Fla

      “Not one of those states nor friends assumed anything because I was from the South and I never lost my accent nor tried to cover it up.”

      They had to have been relieved when you finally told them you were from Georgia. Like Martinez or Villa Rica. At first, they probably thought you came from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba or South America.

      “Cojones: the Mexican/Puerto Rican/Cuban/South American way to say balls.”



  10. Cojones

    Good Dawg!, Slaw Dawg.


  11. I have lived in several states that includes, New York, New England ( Boston, MA and Portland, Maine), Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. , Maryland, Indiana, Tennessee, and Georgia. I have never seen treatment of minorities and rudeness worse than when I was in New England.


  12. Normaltown Mike

    Not to get too far off the path, but prejudice against rural people is nothing new. I have heard/read bigoted things in places you’d least expect it and with little logic. To wit:
    (1) In Spain, an “Andalusian” is synonymous with being lazy (Andalusia is the rural southern region of Spain)
    (2) Ditto for Northern Italians and their disregard for anything south of Florence as being shifty/criminal and lazy.
    (3) In Canada, “Newfies” (natives of New Finland) are hard drinking hayseeds.
    (4) In England, “Jordies” are the rural Northerners said to be dim witted hayseeds. Welshmen are even less regarded and purported to be sheep shaggers b/c of the paucity of females.

    Which proves my point that Yankees are nothing but loud mouth louts and I wouldn’t piss on ’em if they were afire!


  13. Cojones

    Dog in Fla- Si! But my friends called me “Bubber”.