The greatest thing since sliced bread

Dan Wetzel’s next column will establish the premise that a college football playoff will cure cancer.


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8 responses to “The greatest thing since sliced bread

  1. JasonC

    I liked how on yahoo’s sportspage it said that only a playoff would bring balance to college football. Um, when has college ever had balance?


  2. Tom

    Wetzel’s such a tool…


  3. Man, I feel stupid for wasting my money on his book because I was genuinely interested in getting the perspective of somebody that is truly pro-playoff. Brief synopsis:

    -Playoffs will bring more money than the current bowl structure
    -Bowl system is good ole’ boys society with lots of cronyism and shady deals
    -It’s not fair that teams like Boise and TCU (obviously moot now since TCU is joining what is current an AQ league, well – at least for this season, anyways) make less money than the AQ leagues even though they’ve been just as good.
    -A playoff must be better because it would be more exciting! If you don’t agree with me, then you must be a mouthbreather.

    All the book did was just retell me everything I already knew (that’s a helluva investigative job there, Dan – I never knew that the bowl system was full of corrupt people that do favors for each other) and reinforced the stereotypes of the pro-playoff crowd – i.e. GET PUMPED BECAUSE THE EXCITEMENT OF A REGULAR SEASON GAME BETWEEN ALABAMA AND AUBURN COULD NEVER EQUAL THE EXCITEMENT OF A PLAYOFF WHERE THOSE TWO COULD BE IN SEPARATE BRACKETS AND MIGHT GET TO PLAY EACH OTHER AGAIN!!!! NEVER MIND THE FACT THAT ONE BLEW OUT THE OTHER IN THE REGULAR SEASON!!!!! IT’S JANUARY MADNESS, BABY!!!!

    Wetzel is everything that is wrong with the pro-playoff crowd, in my opinion. He dismisses genuine concerns and discussion from the non-playoff crowd because he believes a playoff would be more exciting. How long is it going to take people to realize that the reason most of us love college football is because it is not the NFL? Now, this whole super conference realignment stuff may be pushing us towards that way but dammit if I’m not going to go without some kicking and screaming. There are a lot of us that care way more about things like tradition, history, rivalry games, and conference championships than we do about how fair the system is that crowns a MNC.

    I’ll say this one more time and I really hope that Wetzel is reading. The reason a playoff is not in place right now is because the guys making the decision (read: the conference commissioners and presidents) are satisfied with the money from their current television contracts and the amount of control they have over the current system. If a playoff grants them (and not the networks) control over the system and pays them the same money or more, then yes – we’ll have a playoff.


  4. mikeinflorida

    He has written the EXACT same column for four years, with just a few tweaks so it can be put up whenever something “newsy” happens.


  5. Hackerdog

    I think Wetzel has adopted the Bradley/Schultz business model. Write something stupid and rack up the hits when blogs link to your column to mock it.


  6. Co-sign’ing mikeinflorida. Wetzel has taken the same column, and put it out roughly once a month for several years now. Quite brilliant really. I wonder what he does with his spare time.