Gary Danielson is a wise man.

Yes, if you’re a Georgia fan, it’s been a very good day.


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40 responses to “Gary Danielson is a wise man.

  1. The other Doug

    Yes sir.

  2. gastr1

    Florida can eat 8888 and die.

    I wish we were anywhere near as good as Alabama.

  3. Bryant Denny

    Roll Tide Dawgs. Your fate isn’t totally in your hands, but close enough. Have a good evening, BD

  4. Vincent

    we still have to take care of business and turning the ball over is EXACTLY what has led to ourfrustrations in Jax

  5. H-Town Dawg

    What a great day this was!


  6. Siskey

    We are not Alabama. We will do well to beat Tennessee, Florida and Auburn. We are however a team that seems to have a purpose and even more importantly tackles people. So if you are a real fan get on board and see where this team goes. Its a hell of a lot more rewarding than complaining about a win against a team that embarrassed us last year. Go Dawgs!

    • If the same lax attitudes hadn’t given us the last 3 crappy seasons, and failures ever since the 2005 Sugar Bowl, I don’t think would be complaining about “how we won.”

      The problem is, you can’t shut it down vs. real teams in the SEC, and that general attitude is poison. When players don’t feel like they are expected to show up for the whole 60 minutes, sometimes they don’t show up for the first minute.

    • Brandon

      Agree with Siskey, the defense’s play is really encouraging. I think a lot of Murray’s problem is that the offense has gotten in “press” mode the last couple of seasons believing they have to score every time they get the ball, which has generally been true, its the same mentality that has caused some fans to whine incessantly about playcalling when we lose a game 45-42. I am thrilled to see how much progress our defense is making, if it continues, we’ll be back where we were. Any offense is always going to have off days, Cam Newton’s bunch only scored 17 on MSU last year and we all know how prolific they were. Good teams have a great defense to pick the offense up when they are struggling. Ours did that yesterday all day, particularly in the second half, the result was that we watched a 24-10 win instead of a 38-24 loss. I am not saying we have a great defense just yet but we have made serious strides from where we were, if we keep that up and Murray knows he can rely on them when we have a lead and not force passes we’ll see steadier game management out of him as a result as well.

  7. AusDawg85

    When Brantley went down, I started thinking about how in the world we could possibly match-up with the Bama/LSU winner in the SECCG. I feel dirty and ashamed for even having such thoughts.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Don’t worry. Danielson was right there with you. And so was I.

    • Schlagdawg

      That’s nothing. I was possessed and started rooting for Auburn… I took a shower right after though.

      • You went about it all wrong. I never rooted for AU, I instead just kept wishing that Garcia would go Garcia and that would be enough.

        As for thinking about how we match up against LSU/AL I truly can say I hope we get to find out just how much better than us they are😉

  8. We have a great opportunity to win the East now. It’s an old and worn-out cliche, but we have to take one game at a time now. We have won the Mississippi state championship. Now, it’s time to focus on winning the Tennessee state championship over the next two weeks. If the defense plays like it has the last four weeks and we stay away from big mistakes on offense and special teams, we should win in Neyland and at Vandy.

    • Chopdawg

      & hey we’re still in the running for the South Carolina state championhip! Here’s what would have to happen: we keep winning & beat Ala/LSU in the SECC game; Clemson beats South Carolina, then wins the ACC championship; then we beat Clemson in a BCS bowl game!

      Heard it here first…

  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    How the devil did we lose to South Carolina? They’re terrible.

    • Merk

      Thats what TOs and ST that cant stop a fake to save their lives will get you.

    • AusDawg85

      Jeffries + Ingrahm + Lattimore – Garcia – Spurrier’s ego = Fail.

    • Stoopnagle

      Giftwrap the other guy 21 points and this happens.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        +1. I am absolutely convinced that if UGA had played a tuneup game the week before the South Carolina game to get the kinks worked out the Dawgs never would have made the mistakes they made in that game, would have beaten the Dicks…er, I mean…Cocks, we would be 5-0 and ranked in the top 10 in the country and everybody at ESPN would be talking about UGA playing Bama or LSU in the SECCG.

    • Chopdawg

      Somebody smarter than I should figure this out: has our offense/special teams allowed more touchdowns this year than our defense has?

      • Coach Hewitt...

        Wrap your head around this…. Last 4 games…

        USCe, CC, OM & Miss St…..

        Our D has allowed 26 points… 6.5 ppg…

        Our O & ST’s have allowed 42 points…..10.5 ppg…

        How freakin’ crazy is that…SMH…

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Your answers to my rhetorical question are all true, but obvious.

      Still, South Carolina is just terrible.

  10. David

    I’m really looking forward to this defense once Ogletree returns and Christian Robinson is back to full strength. Jenkins is coming around to catching up to the level of play in the SEC. Tyson and Abry Jones are playing solid, Jarvis and Kwame are studs. The secondary looks great and if they can hang onto the picks that hit them in the numbers we can really be dangerous.

    • WF Dawg

      Much maligned as he has been by some, Cornelius Washington absolutely abused the RT on that first sack of the game. If he ever makes a highlight tape, he should probably lead with that play.

  11. ETennDawgFan

    Any word on Brantley’s injury? Hope it heals Nov 1.

  12. Irishdawg

    WF, I noticed the same thing; Robinson threw that guy, who went at least 290, around like a toy and laid a textbook tackle on Relf (who is a tough kid, he got the hell knocked out of him all day). Tereshinski should show that play to the team before every workout to show what time spent in the weight room will do.

  13. baltimore dawg

    my god, muschamp is an asshole. if i had been one of those refs in that game last night, i would have politely handed over my cap, whistle, and flag to the crew chief and punched that son of a bitch right in the face.

    and it’s not like i harbor a lot of goodwill for sec officials, but damn if any of them should have to put up with that. the sec really ought to sanction him; of course they won’t, so hopefully sec officials will develop some discretionary bias against uf.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      I watched him against Tennessee and last night. I thought was was gonna have an aneurysm.

    • TCD

      Is there any reason Bostic wasn’t kicked out of the game for throwing a punch? I don’t think the replays showed it but Verne and Danielson seemed to think it was pretty malicious. I was under the impression that that’s an automatic ejection.

  14. No one should have to take the abuse Muschump dishes. I can’t believe he doesn’t draw a penalty every quarter. He obviously believes his team deserves special treatment or something. If UF starts getting screwed the way UGA so often has, he will explode. If I’m a parent of a recruit, no way my son’s playing for that nut. He won’t last long at UF. I’ll wager less than five years….probably a lot less… How can he expect his players to control themselves when he obviously can’t control his own self?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I actually think a coach should work the officials (See Duke’s Coach K) but Muschamp is waaaay out of line.