Here we go again.

I can understand why he was celebrating, but damn, son.


UPDATE:  Richt announces a minimum two-game suspension for Washington, beginning this Saturday against Tennessee.


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71 responses to “Here we go again.

  1. NCT

    That crazy Jefferson nightlife will get you every time. Dang.

  2. RomanDawg

    Complete friggin moron.

  3. NRBQ

    Damn. The Augusta connection takes a hit.

    Who the hell goes to Commerce to party?

  4. gatriguy

    Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

  5. Biggus Rickus

    Stupid of him and bad timing with his importance to stopping the one thing Tennessee does well, but something like this was bound to happen eventually. It’s almost impossible to get through an entire offseason and season without someone doing something stupid.

  6. TCD

    OK it’s really stupid, but I know a good few people that have had DUIs and they aren’t bad people. It’s definitely a dumb thing to do but hopefully he learns from this mistake and can become a better person after it.

    • Chopdawg

      Agreed…what bothers me the most is the 92mph in a 55 zone, if that’s really true that’s really stupid. Might as well paint a bulls-eye on your car…plus, incredibly dangerous, driving that fast.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Yup. 92 in a 55 (which means he was undoubtedly not on the interstate, but on one of the highways) is dangerous even when you’re stone cold sober. Knock a few ticks off of your reaction time, and boom… he’s lucky he got arrested instead of killing himself.

  7. The other Doug

    I hope Richt shows him no mercy. I don’t want the team to slip back to their old ways.

  8. Dong

    Ray Drew, lace up your cleats boy. You’re going in.

  9. Coach Hewitt...

    Oh well…. Drew & T.J. are gonna have to step up the way Herrera & Gilliard have…Damn, just Damn…

  10. Irishdawg

    That sound you here is me kicking a puppy 3 blocks.

    Are you f*cking kidding me? The team is starting to gel, D is playing lights out, and this happens?

  11. aristoggle

    What’s been the typical penalty for DUI in the past? One or two games?

  12. Haywood Jablome

    How long did we really think it would take for the lack of discipline off the field to show it’s face again? B’bye good feeling that I was finally getting from this team.

    • Spence

      Congrats on the most over-reacting comment of the day. The fact is that somehow Richt got 100 college aged boys to go almost a year without anyone getting arrested. And you call that lack of discipline. Get over yourself. Damn near half my friends got arrested for something stupid when I was at UGA and they were not dealin with the current police regime nor were most them minorities. Unreal.

      Washington is an idiot and will suffer the consequences. But don’t throw everyone under the bus right away.

  13. Keese

    Curious to see what Richt does. Last DUI was kicked off the team

    • Merk

      Last DUI was by a backup form the scout team, the night after a horrible UGA loss. He pretty much deserved it. Richt was pissed so he curb stomped the kids career.

  14. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Good game yesterday, Cornelius. Perhaps you will be a new entry into the Lexicon in the near future. Play the game of your life and get booted from the team within 24 hours. Mindboggling stupidity.

    • Bevo

      Booted from the team? For a DUI?

      Wow. Are you sure you don’t want to chop his hand off?

      • W Cobb Dawg

        LB Dmitri Baker got the boot last year for DUI. Seemed to me it was overly strict, but I took it as the new standard. I thought Baker had more upside than Washington too.

  15. JudgeDawg

    I remember when Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court Thomas Marshall got a DUI after the UGA/LSU game and caused a wreck. He didn’t have to sit out any oral arguments after that.

  16. Russ

    2 game suspension, and run his ass off. Then run it off again.

  17. Skeptic Dawg

    Excuse #1 for loss in Knoxville? Strong possibility that #2 is Poor O-line Play Resulted in Murray Rushing His Throws. Anyone care to take a stab at #3 thru 5? Go Dawgs?

  18. Kick him off the team. Absolutely no excuse for DUI.

    People need to take this crime seriously. There are no “good people” who get DUIs. People who drink and drive are BAD PEOPLE. Period. They may have once been good people, and they may become good people again, but at the time they CHOSE to drink and drive, they were BAD PEOPLE.

    That’s just a fact. DUI kills far too many innocent people.

    This is infuriating.

    But I don’t think this is evidence of a failing on Richt’s part. He’s done an AMAZING job getting discipline back on this team.

    • Cojones

      And cops wait for some to exit bars. Speeding includes doing 40 in a 35mph zone. Lets wait to hear the details before judgements rain down. Many DUIs are technical and not a mark of dangerous driving. Many people I have known drive above the technically drunk level and use cruise control to keep them away from cops looking for a reason to pull them over. They are in command of their body such that they can play athletic games, throw horseshoes accurately, etc. Not meaning to sound like it isn’t serious, but it doesn’t make him a bad person, just one who made a mistake while drinking. Raise your hand if that has never happened to you (collective Dawgs). Sorry, I only see Muckbeast’s hand.

      • Yeah, I meant to add a caveat right away and forgot to hit reply.

        I hope somehow he’s not guilty. But I don’t think we’re that lucky.

      • I would like to think a lot of hands are up, because my god, if everyone is driving drunk that’s damn scary.

      • I agree with most of what you said, but the “cops wait for some to exit bars” part is infuriating. If you’re drinking, you shouldn’t be driving. PERIOD. This isn’t a mistake that just endangers you, but it puts everyone on the road with you at risk. If you’re going out, how hard is it to get someone to DD?

        • Exactly. There is ZERO excuse for driving drunk.

          There are so many options available nowadays with free rides and ways to get home safely without putting your own life, and the life of innocents at risk.

          No excuse. Absolutely no excuse.

          We should never make excuses for people who get DUIs. They deserve our scorn and derision, and they should have to debase themselves and beg the world for forgiveness.

          • Husky Jeans

            So, if your mother got a DUI, she would be forever labeled as a “BAD PERSON” in your eyes and should never be forgiven by anyone?

        • Cojones

          You aren’t forbidden to drink and drive. It’s when your intake passes a certain level of alcohol accumulation in the blood such that you are inebriated that is against the law to drive. All of your cognitive tasks should have been undertaken before you pass that threshold is pretty much what the point is. Minders can help you with those priorities.

      • Go Dawgs!

        There is a reason that the legal limit for DUI is .08. It’s been proven (by science!) that your reaction times are impaired when your BAC is at 8 grams or higher. While the ability to still accurately throw a horseshoe or play dizzy bat softball or whatever athletic feats your friends can accomplish while drinking is impressive, those feats do not equate to driving a car. And while your friends can rely on cruise control to maintain their speed and get home, that is simply because they didn’t encounter any unusual circumstances on their way home, i.e. a car cutting them off, pedestrians near the road, deer, etc. Your friends are playing with fire, and if you’re truly their friend, you’ll give them cab fare home. Big guys can drink more than little guys, but once they get to .08, they’re at .08. Frankly, the police can charge you as a “less safe” DUI driver below that point if they can prove that your driving was erratic or dangerous. And *so what* if police wait outside of bars for people to leave? Frankly, I’m sad that they can’t follow you to your car and have you blow before you unlock the door. If you’re not driving drunk, you shouldn’t care that the cops follow you out. If you are… DON’T DRIVE. The fact that cops sit near bars should be a deterrent… the fact that it isn’t is just another indicator that you’re not reasoning well enough to drive a heavy machine down the road. In closing, DUI is one of the most easily preventable crimes in the history of crime. It is simple to designate a driver, and it is simpler still to get a cab home. Don’t drink and drive kids. Otherwise, you’ll be watching your teammates play two of the biggest games of the year from the comfort of home.

    • CAVEAT: Assuming he turns out to be guilty. I can reserve judgement until we are certain he is guilty. I would love for it to turn out he’s innocent, but I have to admit I doubt that’s likely.😦

      • Cojones

        I doubt it as well. My words were meant that we should not condemn him as a person for a mistake that any of us can make with help. My cry is for minders to get players started on a night of celebration by reminding them what can happen during that party. And caution them that distance to the good time place is an enemy. Also remind them that other mistakes show their heads about 9 months after drinking parties. I’m sure that others were in the same state of party and weren’t detected because they stayed home or had a driver. Sometimes people just have to be reminded to stay where they drink. If they can’t, remind to let someone else drive. Sometimes we drink and forget, especially if short-term memory smoke is about.

  19. Joe

    Ray Drew your time is now.

  20. Will Trane

    Hormones. Damn what a disease. Great for the football field, but hell every where else. The plight of young men.
    Let’s string this together. Noon kickoffs? Maybe if you have a player inclined for a six pack and intoxication, just maybe you could have him play offense for awhile. Play on defense and school him for offense. Let him play some of those 82 and 74 snaps against those unmarried, named girl schools. Hyradtion has to be quenched, unless your side of the ball gets of the field and you have time to plan Saturday night pleasures while sitting on the bench. I could understand this better if he was on the offense. You play all those snaps, sit on the ball for over 10 minutes in the fourth quarter, your side of the ball does not score, but the other side does when your trigger has trouble “opening the window”. Yeah, hell I’d want a six pack for that effort, and in moments of a buzz try to figure it out.
    DUI is serious stuff. Danger to your own life and others on the road. Coach you do not understand why I did that. Being chased by the sheriff was fun. Good son, I’ll let sun chase you for awhile. When the sun comes up start running, and when is sets, you can too, but get into that crunch position and everyone one hundred call out six pack until you get to a dozen sets.

  21. If ever we will need Ray Drew, that time is now. Some other OLB’s need to step up now also. Get ready for the Vols. GATA.

    • baltimore dawg

      why has drew been used so sparingly so far? is it just because he got so far behind with the practices he missed after the scooter accident? i never heard a complete story of why we’ve seen so little of him, although it seemed he and ic were penciled in to be the big freshmen contributors from the get-go.

  22. LRGK9

    Ray hasn’t played becuase he hasn’t practiced himself into the lineup.

  23. OKDawg

    I blame Bobo for this too.😉

  24. DA man

    I have been told that I complain too much – but here I go again. FOCUS, DAMN IT, FOCUS!!! I could understand if Aaron (with his 3 interceptions) got the DUI. I could understand if Walsh got it. I agree with the others.- he can’t party in Athens? Hell, after the way he played, I would have gladly given him a ride back to Athens.

    • Cojones

      They need minders to constantly remind them of the consequences and some are profound,i. e. responsible for other lives while driving, loss of scholarship and dismissal from the team.

  25. Time 2 Diet B*tch

    If guilty, suspend him a couple of games and be done with it. If he does it again throw him off the team. This isn’t a capital offense, a stupid one no doubt but one he can learn from and be a better person.

  26. Hayduke

    At least he had a valid driver’s license. Damn glad that chapter appears to be over.

  27. BulldogBen

    This girl he was with better have been putting something sweet on him.

    That’s the only reason for being out in freaking Commerce at 2am hammered.

  28. After the game he had, why was he out drinking?

    He should have been knee deep in coeds, safely in Athens, GA.

    • adam

      He may’ve found one and was taking her home.

    • Cojones

      Yeah, and we could shotgun him a beer while he’s getting a blow job and then tuck him in bed. Riigghhtt.

      Somehow I was on a different planet from some of you when I was at UGA. Law School and Grad Students were study and party hardys. The only reason I think that Jake Scott didn’t have DUIs is because he didn’t have a car , nor did he need one. All the women and friends were delighted to pick him up and take him to swinging parties. And I haven’t even mentioned the Greeks!!

      • Chopdawg

        Jake had a motorcycle, didn’t he?

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Back in those days the Athens cops almost never messed with football players.

        • Cojones

          Although he is famous for riding one over the top of Stedman, I’ve seen him walking and never riding a bike. If he had one I don’t think that Dooley would have benched him for walking past where Dooley was getting his AJC at 5:00 AM Sunday, obviously on his way back to the dorm after celebrating all night.

    • Spence

      From here on out, if any UGA football player gets a sac, interception, or scores a touchdown, I’ll drive them wherever they need to go all Saturday night. No questions asked. Just don’t get behind the damn wheel.

      • Cojones

        Spence, I think that’s an idea looking for some action. Probably many of us would appreciate an organized effort to minder our football teenagers. When they are on the field we cheer for their manly actions in our name, but we forget that their physical efforts belie the maturity of their brains. Not all of them have nearby peer groups to interface with and some go looking for action. Would think that the Athletic Dept would embrace the idea since it is above board and could be monitored(for the NCAA) . Aren’t there Youth Groups in Athens who can introduce players around? How about getting word to player’s buddies to help minder their friend thru his Dawg years?

        Anyway, Richt has taken care of it and he won’t have a license for ? months. End of story this season.

  29. DawgPhan

    2 games and back for Florida. Plus we should be getting Robinson and Ogletree back to full strength over the next 2 weeks and the freshman has been playing well. Better now than next weekend.

  30. Bulldog Joe

    Another victim of the over-zealous J.P.D.