Upon further review, Georgia-Florida edition

Having watched the replay last night, I can sheepishly admit there may have been a couple of things I missed live, but I’ve also got to say that the broadcast didn’t come close to catching the raw emotional feel of the crowd at certain times, most notably in that last scoring drive when Samuel’s enthusiasm had the joint rocking.

Anyway, some things I caught the second time around:

  • Jeebus, Jarvis Jones lived in the Gator backfield the entire game, it seemed.  Shades of 1985 and Muddy Waters.  Seriously, Jones was back there so often it looked like he and Brantley kept picking up an ongoing conversation.
  • Aside from blowing the coverage on Jordan Reed on Florida’s only offensive TD, Alec Ogletree looked good for a guy who hadn’t played in six games.
  • Speaking of which, I still don’t get going for it on fourth-and-nineteen there.  Even if it did work.
  • There were stretches in the second half where the offensive line looked dominant with its run blocking.
  • Kickoff coverage looked even more pathetic on TV than it did live.
  • Bennett’s TD catch was spectacular, especially considering that Murray didn’t put the ball in the best place.  King’s was as good, but at least there Murray threw it where he had to.
  • I’m still totally gobsmacked by that last completion to Conley.  Murray had thrown nine incompletions prior to that toss to a true freshman at a spot when if it doesn’t work, there would have been a ton of second guessing about the call.  Utterly ballsy play from Mike Bobo.
  • And that’s one thing I’ll give Danielson credit for in what I thought was a fairly lazy performance on his part.  He was properly floored by the call.  That being said, he was way too kind to both quarterbacks and to Charlie Weis.  And his Jordan Reed fixation got irritating.  (I did like the way he gave Richard Samuel IV credit for running hard, though.)  Admittedly, it was not a pretty game, but it was gutsy and, yeah, emotional.  Verne and Gary both sounded a little detached from that at times.
  • One other thing I will credit Danielson with:   he did a solid job pointing out the efforts of Crowell (some good, some not so good) and Thomas in pass protection.

And on that note, I’ll leave you with a little post-game crowd enthusiasm.


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71 responses to “Upon further review, Georgia-Florida edition

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Is that somebody’s tuchus in there?

  2. UGA Illuminati

    Crowell with out a doubt has a ton of talent but seems a little soft (he was out with what was described as a bruise). Samuel looked much tougher running the ball. Future looks bright with Mitchell & Conley at WR. We must….must find a special teams coach. Someone please tell me why we have Bogotay, who been holding a ‘ship his entire career, on the bench when Walsh continues to struggle?

    • Billy Mumphrey

      Just curious which coach Richt should pink-slip to make rooms for a special teams coach?

      • Gary

        I have one suggestion. Coach Richt should take control of special teams himself. He should pick the personnel and direct the entire unit. It should not keep him from his other responsibilities and should treat it as important as he did when running the offense.

    • Spence

      For the 1,000,000,000,000th time, no college team that you’ve heard of has a special teams coach. Corch Meyer did it himself. Richt clearly knows as little about special teams as anyone in the history of football, so that is not something he can do.

    • Brandon

      Bobo’s finally figured out he’s damn if he does and damned if he doesn’t so why give a frack. If we had been more conservative and not made a first down he would have been criticized just as much as if that play hadn’t have worked.

      • Brandon

        At this point the guy can only hope to shut his critics up until the next time he runs a play that does not result in a first down, if that long.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      “Future looks bright with Mitchell & Conley at WR.”

      Bennett’s not a bad possession receiver either. But I’d still like to see us use our talented TE’s more often.

    • Bevo

      Not trying to portray myself as Nostradumus here, but I’ve had question marks about Crowell’s durability for a long time and have posted them here numerous times.

      There have been plain view issues going back to his days in high school. He missed a lot of playing time in high school and I wondered if he’d be able to make the transition to an every down back in the SEC.

      At this point, I still really don’t know. His potential is pretty amazing, but he’s got to shore up some major things before he’s a complete running back. He cannot yet be relied upon by the team.

      • I share that concern. ESP if his presence in Athens keep other talented backs from signing.
        But in his defense, he’s a true freshman. He’ll get stronger, tougher and better…….I pray.

  3. Devildawg

    Is there video somewhere of RS IV’s runs leading up to the TD? I want to watch him level that–safety? linebacker?–a few dozen times.

  4. Eric

    The “blown” coverage by Olgetree was all Baccari Rambo’s fault. He was supposed to provide safety help and got sucked up into Brantley’s stepping up into the pocket; I assumed it was because he thought Brantley was going to run, which is kind of crazy given the 19 yards they needed for the first down and him being gimpy.

    • TennesseeDawg

      Exactly, Rambo was having a WTF moment and left Olgetree out to dry.

      • AusDawg85

        I looked at this play a lot and think the blame is actually on CTG. He called an all-out blitz (again) and Rambo is actually spying Demps coming out of the backfield…who would have been a very dangerous player to set loose on a shovel pass. MOST interesting is that the UGA player blitzing up the middle who could of contained Brantley was completely and illegally chop blocked! The O-linemen has the UGA player engaged up high, and Demps dives low and flips him! That is such an obvious and dangerous play, but no call. Because of the blitz, the play design has to hope that Ogletree doesn’t have to cover his receiver for the length of the field. IMHO, Grantham should not have blitzed. Let’em throw underneath and gain 18 yards…it was 4th and 19. Just too over aggressive in the early part of the game.

  5. baltimore dawg

    here’s what i take from having watched the game again: our guys won the vast majority of one-on-ones out there, even in the first half. receiver vs. db, ol vs. dl/lb (and vice-versa), rb vs. blitzer, etc. and if anything, we won more of these as the game progressed. i don’t think this was true even in 07 (if you take stafford, moreno, and momass out of it).

    could s&c changes be showing up?

    • gastr1

      That and better recruiting the last two years. maybehaps.

      • Cojones

        Don’t forget the 10 walkon schollys several were criticizing Richt for. One of them played in this game.

        As the camera came by the scoreboard during the “chomping”, for a split second it looked like it read “Everbark” Field. Maybe next year we can begin to change that spelling permanently, but until then can pee off the ‘Turds by calling it that.

        Thought Gary Danielson not only called one of the best games I’ve heard, but was knowledgeable personnel and play-wise. He anticipated and was ahead of some calls and was calling for IV type running before he got going. His compliments weren’t fake like he was reading from the program and you could tell that he had read up on UGA.

        Although Bennett and Tavarres were agressive those passes looked spot on from replays. Perfrect D by the FU player may have made it look off, but I respectfully disagree. If the ball was left a tad it would have been ob when they came down.

        Your film gave a good feeling for being there and this homebound appreciates it. Did you get the cries from us wanting to hear from you like little kittys looking for milk?

    • I think the last scoring drive with RSIV and OL and how well the defense kept getting after it late in the fourth quarter shows just how well the s&c are showing up. This was a physical and emotionally draining game and team more than held up at the end.

  6. kckd

    It was the worst performance by the lead CBS booth crew since they started covering the SEC IMO.

    • Go Dawgs!

      It was like watching a completely different ball game when I watched the CBS replay when I got home Sunday. It suddenly made perfect sense to me why my friends watching at home were less enthusiastic about the game. CBS usually does a fantastic job, but they didn’t come close to capturing what was going on in that stadium or on that field. Georgia dominated defensively, but you wouldn’t know it from listening to Verne and Gary. And, they’ve always been my favorite broadcasting team.

      • JT

        It was a truly awful production by CBS. I’ve never felt that their broadcasts are as polished as those on ABC, but this was the worst I’ve seen yet. A random college football fan watching the game on TV would assume that the atmosphere in the stadium was subdued for most of the game. I called my dad (who attended the game) later that night, and he gave a very different report.

        • Smitty

          I had to put the game on mute it was so bad.

        • Keese

          ABC…?! Are you serious? You think Musberger is more interesting? He absolutely ruins the BCS champ game every year with his boringness

          • Griff

            Get real guys, CBS has the game of the millennium to focus on. Georgia Florida was an afterthought! I was honestly surprised they paid as much attention to our game as they did. I fully expected an ad for the LSU-Bama game between every snap.

  7. Jim

    seeing out fans do the gator chomp made me throw up a little…we need to have a little more class than that.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Not sure if you’ve ever had the pleasure of walking out of that stadium after a loss, but I can assure you that any taunting of the Gators by our fans was richly deserved for past hurts. Personally, my body isn’t capable of making that motion. I suppose my muscles and bones could do it, but there’s some sort of governor switch in my brain that wouldn’t let me even if I wanted to.

    • Doug

      It’s dumb when you do it and the game’s not even over yet (see Erik Ainge, 2004 or 2006, can’t remember which one).

      If you’ve just beaten the Gators, though, chomp away. You’ve earned it (and so have they).

      • Macallanlover

        I agree with Jim 100%. If you are doing ANYTHING at a football game that you see Florida fans do….rethink it. UGA fans should be better than that. I did notice all of those depicted were very young, we need to be a better job of training them.

        • orlandodawg

          Agreed. No chance, no way, no how will this old Dawg ever be seen doing a Gator chomp, mocking or otherwise.

        • Keese

          Chomp away kids. When your arms tired chomp some more. Chomp away at that same asshole Florida fan that has been doing it in your face for the better part of two decades.

          Don’t let the older ones try to take your enthusiasm away. They will also give you mean looks at a home game if you stand and cheer. Just sit there and give em a golf clap is what they would prefer

          • Griff

            How do you NOT mock chomp after beating Florida? I’m a middle aged dawg and I assure you that I have already “trained” my children to mock chomp!

            • Macallanlover

              Just, wow!….Twice. Like all fanbases, we cover a wide swath.

              Age has nothing to do with this, I knew better than to act like that before i went to college.

        • The Big Lebowski

          At a party on Saturday, I was invited to do that to the lone Gator fan. I politely declined, and I graduated in 08.

  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    Two things become more obvious from the replay….Boykin catching Demps was big, real big. really big.
    22 lying on the ground in the end zone and being ignored….kinda strange, may be meaningless, but….
    Far be it for me to be in support of any tv crew, but it was probably the worst game overall they will have to call…reckon they were looking ahead?

    • Cojones

      Think everyone was excited and picked him up on his feet , not knowing that his ankle had been damaged. He probably was yelling in pain for them to let him go. My feelings were reinforced when he went off the field jumping on one leg until someone finally realized he was hurt. They were all very excited and seemed to know what he had done gamewise and in our minds by gaining game control.

  9. Go Dawgs!

    Besides a token appearance after the game, I haven’t really seen much of Mike around here lately. Wonder why that is?

    • Cojones

      He was here yesterday.

      • Cojones

        He was also complimentary.

        • Go Dawgs!

          I like ol’ Mike alright most of the time. He was beginning to drift over the line into being a bit of a jerk towards the end of last week, though.

          • Cojones

            Yeah, but he paid for it with the insults that never slowed down. I like him coming on here since it puts a little honest zest into the blog, but confess to being among the insult hurlers. He will get over it and I, for one, hopes he continues to participate. Many receive him professionally on here. His remarks aren’t rants (like mine) and he adds to our insight toward the team.

  10. Spike

    Hellooooo Mike? Crickets…….

  11. I wanna Red Cup

    The Crowell block on the pass to my cuz Bennett was the key to the play. It was beautiful.

  12. yurdle

    I was extremely impressed with the way Conley used his hands on that final drive reception. He went straight up for the ball, caught it away from his body, tucked it in away from the defender, and fell forward. If his mechanics are really that good, he’ll be a stud.

    • Cojones

      And Murray was pinpoint on his placement. Love the camera angles from behind the QBs in this game. Hoped they had a replay that showed the play as if you were in the stands. You catch your breath before the ball gets there when the side view shows the play in it’s entirety. Go Dawgs!!

  13. Dboy

    I am still in shock about the Conley pass… Both in the play call and the execution. Astounding, is this the same coaching staff? 2 4th down TD throws and that game clincher and a dominant D performance…. Against UF??? Kick off coverage, oh yes. That’s right. I remember now

    • W Cobb Dawg

      I think the D’s ability to shut down the fu offense, together with the missed FGs and our recent record, combined to make our offensive braintrust more open to taking chances – like the 4th down TD passes. Or maybe the O coaches were just plain desperate – and luck was on our side. Either way, I’ll take a huge, huge win!

  14. Section Z alum

    at one point, Verne and Gary managed to both call Murray the wrong name. Verne called him Cox, and Gary called him Rogers – on the same play. and once – just once – i’d like for Uncle Verne to toss aside “oh my gosh!” for a good, old fashioned “holy shit!”

    • Cojones

      Those are forgiveable during exciting plays. Overall thought Gary called a very good game. Know that isn’t a popular opinion, but neither was it popular to stick by Richt and staff after the first two games. Funny, I don’t see that crap anymore. Has the fanbase regained it’s sanity throughout the land?

      • Dawg Vent

        No. No. No. NO. NOOOOO! We have not “regained” our SSANITY. We never lost it to begin with. Richt is driving out program into the GROWND. Do you realize that we’re only 3-5 against UF in our last 8 games!?!?!?!?! Do you realize that we’re only 6-0 in our last ZSIX games?????!? This ship is sinking *fast* and I for one am looking for a life raft. FIRE MARK RICHT!!!!!!11

  15. Joe Moore

    Growing up here in Jville and watching this game live from 80-96 I can assure you the Gator fan base has went from a middle of the pack SEC school fan base to one of the most annoying in all of college football. Most fans took on the personality of SOS then Meyer and between those two guys you can see why the fan base has been very arrogant and very over the top the last 22 years.Throw in 3 Nation Titles and the bandwagon has been rolling out of control. Most of my Gator brethren are calling Muschamp, Coach Will Zook now. As for the game, down 17-3 the Dawgs could have packed it in and quit but they didn’t. Murray is still playing like the poster child for Red Bull! Guy needs to slow down and make his reads and just play within the game. I was in Nashville for the Vandy game and he hit some big throws but also missed plenty wide open receivers. My take away from this game is this, that 500lb gorilla that was on CMR’s back might have hopped off for the moment however if he does not beat Tech or Auburn it jump right back on. I love Grantham guy coaches with zero concern about anyone except his players and its contagious. Players are drinking the cool-aide and with that starting 11 on D its def a notch below Bama and LSU IMO. Best part of the entire weekend was the amount of texts I got from my Gator friends saying the better team won.

    • Cojones

      Yeah , and some of them describe it as the lousiest team lost. Most are uncomplimentary on Gator threads. Do think we broke the stick off in their butts.

      • Joe Moore

        Most def! Clearly they got pushed around on the line of scrimmage. If it was an SEC outdoor track meet then yes we played lousy! However the game is won on the line of scrimmage and the Dawgs completely embarrassed Florida on both lines of scrimmage.

    • William

      I just wish the kid would remember to throw it away. There was one point in the game where I am convinced Richt chewed him out for it, becuase the next time he got the change he did it and gave a thumbs up to the sidline. Check the replay again. I was practically screaming for him to just throw it away several times.

  16. D.N. Nation

    Verne and Gary have seemed a bit…off…the entire year. Like they’re just casually watching the game from a bar or something.

  17. Dog in Fla

    Verne, the honey-badger of announcers because he just doesn’t care, has seemed a bit off for many seasons.

    “An Ode To Verne Lundquist”


    “Beyond that, let’s not even get started on Verne’s biggest flaw, the butchering of names. Honestly, the guy is worse than your buddy at the bar who has six vodka tonics and starts calling every girl “Julie” to try and catch one’s attention…. I once had an Alabama fan repeatedly complain to me about Verne calling Rolando McClain “Orlando,” which, as I came to notice one Saturday, was exactly what he did. Understand that at the time, McClain wasn’t some redshirt freshman nobody on kickoff coverage, but an All-American, and quite possibly the most recognizable player on the field. Yet, that didn’t stop Ole’ Verne from spending the whole broadcast vacillating between calling him Orlando, Rolando and something else unintelligible. He did it the following Saturday too.”

    “Interestingly, though, that’s probably why I love Verne the most: He’s not perfect, and he knows it. When he butchers a name, or makes a completely invalid or off-base point that forces Gary Danielson to swoop in and correct him, Verne doesn’t care, or at least doesn’t seem to care anyway. Instead, he just gives that goofy, overextended “ha, ha, HAAA,” laugh of his, a laugh so over the top and uncalled for, that it’s usually exclusively reserved for bad jokes on awkward first dates.”


  18. Mr Positive

    You are way too positive about this team. UGA with Murray at QB has never beaten a team that ended the season with a winning record. Enjoy the victories against New Mexico and Kentucky. See you in Shreveport.

    • Cojones

      Yeah, they haven’t beaten a team that ends their name with a “z”, or an”l”, or a “c”, or……….. You Tech aholes only know one bowl.

  19. Will Trane

    Injuries to your shine is hell. Maybe some fans do not understand that.
    The “finishing plays” for the Gators were the pass interference play for a first down followed by Crowell’s run for almost a another first down on the next play. Crowell’s run set up “the power O runs by Samuel”. Crowell’s run allowed Bobo to regain downs and distance. Granted another solid catch by Conley was big. But the those two plays stung the Gators hard re time and distance. It meant if they got the ball back it would be all passing and Brantley was having worse issues than Murray. Personally, at this time, I do not think Crowell has endurance issues. He has a injury that limits his runs. But if you do not think this guy carry the ball, then I suggest you look a little closer at those runs…they are very good. As for the TEs, they had some chances to make some catches, and did not. They had some chances to score, and they did not catch the ball and did not. But again, Murray continues his accuracy issues.

    As for those AJC guys posting today about the special teams. Well, where in hell have they been all season. CMR can “love” his kicking specialist all he wants. And he and the AD can decide if special teams needs a coach. I can “guarantee” Bobby Bowden probably wished he could. Plus when CMR and the AD look back, provided Carolina wins out along with the Dawgs winning out, this thought will damn well cross their minds. We wasted dollars playing in the Dome we could have spent on special teams. And that 2nd game…what may have been the result in that game if special teams had performed. Let’s see…well, hell, we could be back in the Dome for a SEC champ game and bigger bowl.
    What came out of JAX, other than a victory…a QB who needs to step it up and special teams. Thanks Gators for the victory and the highlighting of major issues on this team.

    • Cojones

      Did anyone notice Crowell after one play was being held back by Glenn? Could he have been pulled because of chatter and he has rabbit ears? Just wondering.

    • Scott

      What came out of JAX other than a victory?

      Other than the negatives you mention: The emergence of Jarvis Jones as a star. The discovery of some young clutch receivers (Bennett, King, Conley). Mark Richt’s job is probably safe at this point. Plus, the confidence we gain in coming back down 14 and actually winning this time – instead of falling short as usual. We have not come back down 14 against Florida and won since 1989.

  20. MenloDawg

    Might have already been mentioned above, but its tough to solely blame Ogletree on the 4th down TD. No doubt that his guy got behind him, but Rambo did not have a man and was supposed to be helping deep. Somehow he ended up around the 10 and the ball ended up in the endzone.

    But if you really want to hear a team complain about their safeties getting beat deep, go talk to Wisconsin. Jesus.

    • Dokes

      18 was committing to the run; as the pocket was collapsing around Brantley, 18 saw it & started heading up field as there were no LBs at midfield to stop Brantley if he crossed the LOS. Not to say 18 or 9 were blameless, we just got beat on a semi-busted play…

  21. Scott

    I watched the game again on replay last night. Those two 4th down fade routes for TD’s – what were the odds either one would be successful? I know we throw that fade route almost every time in the red zone, but they don’t work very often to my recollection. And Michael Bennett even appeared to jump too early, but in retrospect, that premature leap is what gave him the advantage and enabled him to catch it.

    It just blows me away to think that Mark Richt’s future at UGA was was decided by those two long shot plays, and to a lesser degree that throw to Conley, a true freshman. Wow – might have to reconsider my religious beliefs.🙂

    • Cojones

      Sorta like the Hand of God reached out and directed the ball into the waiting and believing hands of the receivers? It’s almost like Richt was born again? Wait a minute…..Hmmm.

      Better than: And God said,”Let there be Photosynthesis”?